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Winner Of The Shingo Research And Professional Publication Award Align Your Leadership Team To Deliver The Highest Possible Value To Your CustomersToo Many Organizations Today Suffer From Silo Centric Behavior And Intra Organizational Conflict Yet Most Don T Understand What S Holding Them Back From Achieving Outstanding PerformanceValue Stream Mapping An Essential But Underusedmethodology Is A Proven Approach To Help You Visualize And Resolve Disconnects, Redundancies, And Gaps In Your Value Delivery System More Than Merely A Tool To Eliminateoperational Waste, Value Stream Mapping Is A Highly Effective Means To Transform Leadership Thinking, Define Strategy And Priorities, And Create Customer Centric Work FlowIn This Detailed Guide, Business Performance Improvement Experts Karen Martin And Mike Osterling Present A Practical Way To Deeply Understand How Work Gets Done In Any Environment And How To Design Improvedwork SystemsYou Ll Learn How To Prepare And Engage Your Leadership Team In The Transformation ProcessGain A Deep Understanding About Your Current Work Systems And The Related Barriers To Delivering ValueDesign A Future State That Enables Outstanding Performance On All FrontsAdopt The New Design And Lay The Foundation For Continued ImprovementWhether You Are A Novice, An Experienced Improvement Practitioner, Or A Leader, Value Stream Mapping Will Help You Design And Operate Your Business Effectively And If Your Organization Already Uses Value Stream Mapping, This Book Will Help You Improve Yourtransformation EffortsIn Today S Rapid Fire Business Environment, There Are Too Many Problems To Be Solved And Too Many Opportunities To Be Leveraged To Operate Without A Highly Effective Means For Accomplishing The Important Work To Be DoneValue Stream Mapping Is The Missing Link In Business Management And, Properly Executed, Has The Power To Address Many Business WoesAISE FOR VALUE STREAM MAPPINGValue Stream Mapping Has Evolved From Its Roots As A Tool Used By Geeks To Reimagine And Reconfigure Manufacturing Operations To A Process To Enable Deep Organizational Intervention And Transformation With Value Stream Mapping, Karen Martin And MikeOsterling Provide An Outstanding Guide For Practitioners Engaged In The Challenging Work Of Improving The Horizontal Flow Of Value Across OrganizationsJohn Shook, Chairman And CEO, Lean Enterprise Institute, And Author, Learning To SeeDespite Decades Of Viewing Value Stream Mapping As The Core Tool Of Lean Transformations, There Is Still Confusion Karen And Mike Put Mapping In Its Proper Perspective As A Methodology For Getting High Performing Teams To See Waste, Share A Future State Vision, And Build Meaningful Actions That Are Carried Out With Passion And PurposeJeffrey Liker, Author, The Toyota WayIn Value Stream Mapping, Karen And Mike Not Only Provide A Great How To Book For Transforming Value Streams, They Also Demonstrate The Benefits That Taking A Holistic View Can Have On An Organization S Culture And Commitment To Customer Value There Is Something To Learn For The Novice And Expert On Every PageJeff Chester, Chief Revenue Officer Senior Vice President, AvailityMartin And Osterling Have Written An Excellent Book That Shows You How To Do Value Stream Mapping And Do It Right Follow Their Advice And Your Organization Will Get The Profoundly Radical Change Required To Better Serve Your Customers And Create Unprecedented Profits And AgilityBrian Maskell , Author, Practical Lean AccountingVSM Is Often Misunderstood And Underutilized Strategically, It Can Be A Rosetta Stone To Help Bring Disparate Organizational Silos Together And A Catalyst For Stimulating And Prioritizing Enterprise Wide Transformation Karen And Mike Have Produced Anotherterrific Guide Read It, Practice It, Share It, Teach ItSteve Bell , Author, Run Grow TransformValue Stream Mapping Is Well Worth Picking Up It S A Straightforward User S Guide To Constructing Current State And Designing Future State Value Stream Maps That Help You Visualize And Improve Your Efforts To Flow Value To Your CustomerMatthew May, Author Of The Laws Of Subtraction

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    Well written and clearly structured guide to value stream mapping Addresses real issues encountered during projects Encourages a thoughtful and pragmatic approach to avoid pitfalls and achieve the desired results.

  2. David J. Niles David J. Niles says:

    Value Stream mapping How to visualize Work and align leadership for organizational transformationAs with most of my book reviews, I ll approach the write up from a pragmatic perspective That is, as most authors do provide detailed explanations, background and theory describing each of their topics and subject areas what are the practical examples of artifacts, forms templates, questionnaires, methodologies etc., which a reader could use in either in, day to day operations, management or project delivery responsibilities I ll list some of the major takeaways I find with thoughts and rationale , which would make this book worth purchasing The author offers an excel tool for documenting the processes and calculating results Identifications of risks to be avoided some foundational areas to watch for Value stream mapping phases and tasks gets you started Value stream map charter example always good to see an alternative template. if you don t have a format Value stream map design questionnaire identifying the areas of opportunities for the future state model Value stream transformations plan high level executive view Examples Appendix Seeing how others used VSM to identify and measure process improvements, is a great takeawayo VSM for outpatients imaging current and future stateo Supplier purchasing VSM current and future state and recommendations for process improvementso Repair services current and future state as well as metrics on % improvementso Custom shelving systems current and future state with metrics on % improvemento Software development change request current and future state with metrics on % improvements

  3. Glenn G. Burnside III Glenn G. Burnside III says:

    I really thought I d get from this, but there wasn t much there The last section on introducing changes, in particular, was thin I had been hoping for prescriptive guidance on how to identify and design value streams, but ultimately this felt like a very heavy weight set of activities around a very macro view of an organization s flow Maybe I m just not deep enough into this kind of work to get what the authors were talking about though.

  4. Mike Mike says:

    Karen Martin provides excellent guidance regarding the purpose of the value in and her approach to value stream mapping Specifically, there is excellent blow by blow guidance regarding the steps in Karen Martin s lead up to and execution of her three full business day process.Challenges that the reader might face include 1 Getting their enterprise leadership s cooperation to devote so many resources for the full month lead up to and the three full days for the current and future state mapping exercises, and the following, ongoing action plan execution The cost of NOT doing it is the most compelling answer, but persuading them of this truth will be a challenge.2 Establishing the enterprise leadership s patience with this activity when the skills at doing it are initially non existent, and the cost of it is high If you hire consultants to lead it, do you learn it Maybe some If you do it yourself, will the org embrace the risk of mediocre results for the first or second attempts

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    Most of the materials referenced in the book were things I found online of either comparable quality or with simpler explanations for free Not sure I could recommend a buy on this.

  6. Alan Ang Alan Ang says:

    To be honest, I starting applying Karen s value stream maps midway through the book on one of my training and quality projects and was surprised to find I identified gaps and opportunities for improvement I didnt notice before The many examples in the book made the application easy Id recommend this book to anyone looking to design better outcomes and customer experiences.