download Pdf What To Do When Machines Do Everything: How to Get Ahead in a World of AI, Algorithms, Bots, and Big DataAutor Malcolm Frank –

A very pragmatic enterprise relevant perspective to AI and how businesses can adopt and drive transformation today Neither a utopian nor a dystopian view to AI but one enriched with very relevant examples of large organizations that are transforming business processes and experiences for customers, partners employees.The what to do on Monday approach made it a very action oriented read for any leader to leverage technology to drive exponential business change. Refreshingly Thought Provoking The Financial TimesThe Essential Playbook For The Future Of Your BusinessWhat To Do When Machines Do Everything Is A Guidebook To Succeeding In The Next Generation Of The Digital Economy When Systems Running On Artificial Intelligence Can Drive Our Cars, Diagnose Medical Patients, And Manage Our Finances Effectively Than Humans It Raises Profound Questions On The Future Of Work And How Companies Compete Illustrated With Real World Cases, Data, And Insight, The Authors Provide Clear Strategic Guidance And Actionable Steps To Help You And Your Organization Move Ahead In A World Where Exponentially Developing New Technologies Are Changing How Value Is CreatedWritten By A Team Of Business And Technology Expert Practitioners Who Also Authored Code Halos How The Digital Lives Of People, Things, And Organizations Are Changing The Rules Of Business This Book Provides A Clear Path To The Future Of Your WorkThe First Part Of The Book Examines The Once In A Generation Upheaval Most Every Organization Will Soon Face As Systems Of Intelligence Go Mainstream The Authors Argue That Contrary To The Doom And Gloom That Surrounds Much Of IT And Business At The Moment, We Are In Fact On The Cusp Of The Biggest Wave Of Opportunity Creation Since The Industrial Revolution Next, The Authors Detail A Clear Cut Business Model To Help Leaders Take Part In This Coming Boom The AHEAD Model Outlines Five Strategic Initiatives Automate, Halos, Enhance, Abundance, And Discovery That Are Central To Competing In The Next Phase Of Global Business By Driving New Levels Of Efficiency, Customer Intimacy And InnovationBusiness Leaders Today Have Two Options Be Swallowed Up By The Ongoing Technological Evolution, Or Ride The Crest Of The Wave To New Profits And Better Business This Book Shows You How To Avoid Your Own Extinction Event, And Will Help You Understand The Untold Full Extent Of Technology S Impact On The Way We Work And Live Find Out Where We Re Headed, And How Soon The Future Will Arrive Leverage The New Emerging Paradigm Into A Sustainable Business Advantage Adopt A Strategic Model For Winning In The New EconomyThe Digital World Is Already Transforming How We Work, Live, And Shop, How We Are Governed And Entertained, And How We Manage Our Money, Health, Security, And Relationships Don T Let Your Business Or Your Career Get Left Behind What To Do When Machines Do Everything Is Your Strategic Roadmap To A Future Full Of Possibility And Success Or Peril Clever title, which the authors are quick to disavow.Optimistic outlook for our whole planet, all 7 billion of us, based on this next step in our evolution.Two authors from Cognizant Technology give detailed account of how TODAY increased savings of time and money, as well as double digit improvements in income, as transforming everything from education to insurance and shipping.It won t be long, according to these authors, before the living standard of EVERYone rises. Must read for anyone in technology related leadership Straight forward, comprehensive, practical Cuts it straight down the middle between AI dystopia and utopia It all depends on leadership in the end One possible criticism I am not quite as optimistic on the future of jobs as the Authors Still, let s hope they are right This is a wonderful book that is clear, easy to read and extremely informative It was very engaging and I ended up reading it all in one go The examples used were super interesting and applicable to my business and also life who knew that AI is already better at identifying some cancers than doctors Rather than the doom and gloom that so many books about the future present, this book takes a positive slant I appreciated their research and comparison of this upcoming AI revolution with the previous 4 industrial revolutions Honestly, I feel better about the future now after reading this The authors also included a helpful framework to think through how machines can be used successfully in my business I highly recommend this book for business leaders, innovators and technologists. What to Do When Machines Do Everything is a field book for individuals and companies about to be hit by the digital tsunami that is moving from Silicon Valley to every industry in every geography The book is a quick and engaging read It will provoke a lot of deep thinking about the impact the New Machines will have on us.We truly stand on the precipice of massive changes in all aspects of our personal and professional lives The digital disruption is coming from rapidly emerging technologies, such as Code Halos, Artificial Intelligence AI , Internet of Things IoT , Robotics, and Blockchain The authors provide us their AHEAD approach to navigate the change Automate, Halos, Enhance, Abundance, and Discovery.As professionals and business leaders, we don t have to fear the new Machines, but harness them to our advantage.Some of my favorite quotes from the book Technology is no longer the domain of the few but the province of the many It s clear that the old rules of work and business no longer apply Fortune favors the brave and punishes the timid Inaction will result in irrelevance.