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Advance In Your Product Management Career And Create Innovative Products That Customers Love Regardless Of Industry Or Sector, To Compete In Today S Business World, Product Managers Must Understand How Their Customer S Preferences Change, How Technology Evolves, And How Anticipate What Competitors Might Do Regardless Of Industry, You Need A Reliable Resource That Provides Timely Guidance And Practical Tools To Help You Compete With New Content And Expert Advice, This Updated Edition Of The Product Manager S Survival Guide Brings You Fully Up To Date On What You Need To Succeed As A Product ManagerFor Your Professional Future, You Ll Learn It S Not The Development Technique That Will Help You Get Ahead, It S How You Think Like A Strategically Minded Business Person Your Continuous Learning Starts With Your Product Management Acumen Assessment, And Takes Root, When You Develop Your Own Professional Development Strategy The Product Manager S Survival Guide, Second Edition Features Brand New Material, Including A Product Management Acumen Assessment Action Planning Ideas At The End Of Each Chapter Techniques To Earn Empowerment Tools To Develop Product Strategies And Roadmaps Methods To Deploy And Release Products Metrics To Assess Product PerformanceSimple And Easy To Understand, This Invaluable Guide Will Help You Bring Your Company Into The Digital Age And Continue To Evolve With Changing Times

5 thoughts on “The Product Manager's Survival Guide, Second Edition: Everything You Need to Know to Succeed as a Product Manager

  1. ChuckleHead ChuckleHead says:

    As a product developer I have learned that there is much to learn from patents to market trends and everything in between This book focuses on the management of that process.As an entrapreneur I found this book very insightful A very good asset for startups whether product or service oriented It gave me ways to gauge my current ability as a product managers and insights on how to improve upon my weaknesses It goes into details about how to position yourself as a product manager if you work within a company Eight chapters are dedicated to outlining product managers roles and ideas on how to execute those roles.I related to this book on many levels It has provided me with a general outline which I can use to better myself as a product manager.I found this book to be a very easy and interesting read

  2. Mark P. McDonald Mark P. McDonald says:

    Product management is changing all the time The survival guide provides a comprehensive view of the PM role presented in a readily accessible way Recommended for people who are new to product management, provides less eureka insight for seasoned PM s The book provides a solid, no nonsense and actionable definition of product management disciplines and activities This makes the book valuable than one that talks at high conceptual levels If you have read the first version there is little reason to buy up to this version If you are looking for a reference for Product Management, then this is a good one.Chapters1 Introduction to product management2 Understanding the role of the product managers and assessing your product management acumen3 Navigating the organization4 Influence and the art of being a product manager5 Who is the customer 6 Garnering industry and competitor insights7 Getting from here to there product strategy and roadmaps8 After strategy what is next 9 Execution developing and launching products10 Harnessing data and running the product s business11 Improving your experience as a product manager

  3. NaughtiLiterati NaughtiLiterati says:

    As a small business owner who doesn t have an MBA, I rely on my intuition and feedback for what is working and what needs to be RE WORKED and I have made a lot of mistakes and at times have even been daunted on where to begin Now that I have this book, I have a clear set of guidelines to help fuel my purpose and passion with savvy intentions I love this book It helped me understand the clear ROLE of a product manager and how to best assess what you want your products to do, not to do, and position yourself outside of what everyone ELSE is doing so you can stand out.There are strategies and processes that assist you in the development in a successful product and tools to help you take an honest look at yourself, the product and the organization to create a holistic level of success no matter what it is that you are planning to launch I am enjoying this book so much that I can t help but to order his other title, The Product Manager s Desk Reference, just so I have two bibles that fill a space that help me become a better entrepreneur For those who are already in this role, it can only help you improve If you didn t know this WAS a role but have been doing it on the fly, then you DEFINITELY need it

  4. Kimberly C. Kimberly C. says:

    I have worked in product management and development for many years and know how important it is to stay up to date on new technologies and methods I was looking for an as needed reference manual but found, instead, an intelligently crafted review of the ins outs of product management from conception to launch The author goes to great lengths to clearly define things and has crafted an intuitive collection of chapters that are full of great information.This book would be as helpful to a seasoned professional as it would someone just starting out in the field Highly recommend.

  5. AlexJouJou AlexJouJou says:

    I moved to product management from the industry higher education and it is certainly very different Although I read a ton, and watched a ton of videos and such, it is nice to have a reference that is pretty plain speaking to refer too when I have a question This book gave me a good foundation that complemented a lot of what I read Doing product strategy is a bit different than product management so I don t always get the level of depth that a PM would get and that s where this book really shined as it allowed me to get a nice framework that was fleshed out enough to empower me to ask questions and make observations I also was able to learn the lingo and yes it s just as full of acronyms a higher ed There is plenty enough in here to give you a firm foundation and I d recommend it for someone thinking about moving from the industry specific areas to the software space.