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Lean Waste Reduction And Process Optimization SimplifiedAre You Struggling To Combat Waste Within Your Organization Lean Is The Answer ENHANCED Ll LearnThe Story Behind Foundational Lean TerminologyThe Six Components Of Lean PhilosophyThe Pull Production Philosophy Of Lean ProductionThe Importance Of Value Stream MappingTools For Effective Value Stream MappingKaizen, Takt Time, Poke Yoke, SMED, Production Leveling And More Scroll Up To The Top Of The Page And Click The Orange Buy Now Button To Join Thousands Of Other Satisfied Readers And Self Paced LearnersClydeBank Media LLC All Rights ReservedClydeBank Business Is A Division Of The Multimedia Publishing Firm ClydeBank Media LLC ClydeBank Media S Goal Is To Provide Affordable, Accessible Information To A Global Market Through Different Forms Of Media Such As EBooks, Paperback Books And Audio Books Company Divisions Are Based On Subject Matter, Each Consisting Of A Dedicated Team Of Researchers, Writers, Editors And Designers The Business Division Of ClydeBank Media Is Composed Of Contributors Who Are Experts In Their Given Disciplines Contributors Originate From Diverse Areas Of The World To Guarantee The Presented Information Fosters A Global Perspective Contributors Have Multiple Years Of Experience In Successfully Starting And Operating Online And Offline Businesses, Marketing And Sales, Economics, Management Methodology And Systems, Business Consulting, Manufacturing Efficiency And Many Other Areas Of Discipline For Information, Please Visit Us At Clydebankmedia Or Contact Info Clydebankmedia

5 thoughts on “Lean: QuickStart Guide: The Simplified Beginner's Guide To Lean (English Edition)

  1. Carter Weezy Carter Weezy says:

    New business owner here The whole lean philosophy is probably the most complete approach to managing a business at maximum efficiency This book breaks it down pretty wellI actually feel like I just got a years worth of business courses in less than a day The second chapter on lean production is pure gold for managing a supply chain, from a small business to a corporate behemoth Whether you re in one or the other, this book will definitely have a couple pieces of info in it that will have a huge impact on how you approach day to day management.

  2. R. Statz R. Statz says:

    My mistake for not listening to the sample audio before purchasing, but I find this narrator very difficult to listen to for any length of time I have many dozens of audible books, usually listen to at least 1.3X speed, but for me listening to this at 1X speed doesn t help Mind you, many of my favorite shows series are British, so British accents are not alien to me, but again, I found this narrator has too thick of an accent to listen to comprehensively your mileage may vary Always listen to the audible sample before purchasing is my take away from this purchase, can t comment on the content.

  3. william isner jr william isner jr says:

    If you are new to Lean or just wanting to better your Manufactoring processes, buy this book I have 5s training in my background and this book covers and instructs Lean in a easily read and comprehensive manner Some books can be confusing on the understanding of a betterment process, this is not one of them.

  4. Gloria Gloria says:

    For a simplified book, it was not well written

  5. Hearher J H Hearher J H says:

    Found it very useful to become acclimated to the terminology of lean.