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WINNER OF THE PULITZER PRIZEPhilip Roth S Masterpiece Provides A Piercing Look Into The Promises Of Prosperity, Civic Order And Domesticity In Twentieth Century America Swede Levov Is Living The American Dream He Glides Through Life Cocooned By His Devoted Family, His Demanding Yet Highly Rewarding And Lucrative Business, His Sporting Prowess, His Good Looks He Is The Embodiment Of Thriving, Post War America, Land Of Liberty And Hope Until The Sunny Day In , When The Swede S Bountiful American Luck Deserts HimThe Tragedy Springs From Devastatingly Close To Home His Adored Daughter, Merry, Has Become A Stranger To Him, A Fanatical Teenager Capable Of An Outlandishly Savage Act Of Political Terrorism That Plunges The Levov Family Into The Political Mayhem Of Sixties America, And Drags Them Into The Underbelly Of A Seemingly Ascendant Society Rendered Powerless By The Shocking Turn Of Events, The Swede Can Only Watch As His Pastoral Idyll Is Methodically Torn Apart Extraordinarily Nuanced And Poignant, American Pastoral Is The First In An Eloquent Trilogy Of Post War American Novels And Cemented Roth S Reputation As One Of The Greatest American Novelists Of The Twentieth Century Full Of Insight, Full Of Sharp Ironic Twists, Full Of Wisdom About American Idealism, And Full Of Terrific Fun A Profound And Personal Meditation On The Changes In The American Psyche Over The Last Fifty Years Financial Times

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    If you like Philip Roth, this is THE book to read If you don t know him, this is THE book to start loving him.

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    The book came very fast and in perfect conditions It seems to be new, really I will buy again for sure.

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    How do you write a review for a book that took almost a decade to read As an English grad student, all I ever heard were allusions to two major pieces of literature The Wasteland by T.S Eliot and American Pastoral by Philip Roth I had the chance to study the first, but never had to read the second I ve long wondered what all the fuss was about, so ten years on, I finally tackled this book on my own.To say that it s dense with a million points and discussions is putting it mildly Making strong connections to the American Dream, Roth challenges our high ideals by calling into question the discordancy between people s moral smugness and the secret immorality that is many s reality To be honest, I found his ideas slightly refreshing, as it does seem that there is hypocrisy in being offended by a million little things in society and yet quietly falling apart behind the scenes and not owning it At some point, it seems that we need to find a way to have the courage of our convictions to own our weaknesses, to be humble enough to use life s lessons as a learning curve and not an end point of judgment.This story of Swede Levov and his family echoes with many of the elements of the quintessential American Dream, until we peel back the cover just a bit What seems to be a charmed, self made story of American success turns sour when Swede s troubled daughter becomes involved with anarchist activities surrounding protests over the Vietnam War Woven with complex themes of marriage, child rearing, politics, sexuality, and social class, this novel packs a big punch one that often lands squarely between your eyes.Although a pretty hard novel to work through, with all of its deeper discussions on life and culture, it was well worth picking up Roth has a certain cynicism that I m not sure I m ready to wander back to in the near future, but after picking up the pieces of all that I read here, I can see myself reading another novel by Roth down the road.

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    Okay, let me just say I was dumfounded An acquaintance, a lit professor contemporary Jewish fiction Roth, Bellow, Singer, etc , says American Pastoral is arguably Roth s best novel.In my first read, the book seemed static abrupt in changing its point of view As opera, it would have plenty of passion but remain earthbound nevertheless Its narrative is flimsy, doing little than connecting the dots that map out the story.The nut of this story is a single horrible act of 1960s domestic terrorism and its aftermath that becomes the fulcrum around which everything spins The narrative, circles but ends up going nowhere The Swede, who is the main voice, keeps churning the story by referring again and again to the horrible event and the consequences The story is recounted, told and retold.To me the book becomes the Swede s internal, desperate rant, a cri de Coeur, of a man of privilege, a Jew, a blond golden boy, ultimately brought to ground by the turbulent, explosive 1960s and the events that swept society and the Swede along with it into the fury, violence and desperation of the counterpastoral, into the indigenous American berserk When I finished the book, I brooded and then moved on Then in an act of compulsion, I re read it My read through this time was an attempt to channel the Swede, to burrow into his head and feel what he s feeling And the thing of it is, when I did that, the book became disquieting, disturbing almost haunting in the fierceness and anguish of its emotion It s simply incredible how Roth manages to get your brain roiling with empathy The novel is burdened with the Swede s unbridled internal feeling of rage, which is portrayed in a way and to an extent that my reassessment makes American Pastoral among the most wrenching books I ve read.Roth calls upon Nathan Zuckerman to narrate the first third of the book It s in this section we learn most about Seymour Levov s The Swede s history Then poof, Zuckerman disappears, inexplicably and the world in the 1960s is portrayed through the lens of the Swede s unhinged sensibilities.Roth gives us a character study of a decent man who comes of age in postwar America and falls to the grip of his times This is foremost a story of America its immigrants, its industry and its promise of a good, orderly life Isn t it ironic that the Swede s wife was a runner up for the Miss America crown.The Swede s prosperity derives from a successful glove business started by his father The business of making and marketing fashion gloves becomes a fascinating case study of what it takes to succeed, what it s like to be stalked by the threat of failure, what it s like to feel powerless to stem defeat.Ultimately American Pastoral earns lasting distinction because it transcends More than the story of an individual crushed by the forces of history, the novel rises to become a sweeping portrait of America at its most fractious If Roth is ever presented with the Nobel Prize he deserves, he will have entered the pantheon because of writing this compelling.In a word Transcendent

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    This was a difficult book to get into Indeed, throughout Roth uses repetition as a tool it starts out as annoying but becomes highly effective as the book moves along Some may not like the narrative flow, as there are many unresolved plot point But the book is not about plot, it is about life,human experience and human consciousness It is one of those works that requires you to rethink your own life who are you and what do you believe It is emotionally wrenching and altogether wonderful.

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    American Pastoral is the greatest book on glove making I have ever read The rest of the book is a tedious slog through an overlong narrative wjhich is so repetitious that on many a page I thought I was reading the same description that I had read thenty pages earlier.

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    Phillip Roth is always on the short list of greatest American writers This superb book won a Pulizer well deserved That said this is a tragedy A tragedy of a man and a time and place But even as the tragedy unfolds Roth makes us laugh This is an important book about a period in American history one that changed forever America, and the American dream.