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, Years Ago, The Galaxy Was Populated By A Great Variety Of BeingsBut One Species Eons Beyond All Others In Both Technology And Knowledge Achieved DominanceThey Ruled In Peace But Met Opposition With Quick And Brutal EffectivenessThey Were The Forerunners The Keepers Of The Mantle, The Next Stage Of Life In The Universe S Living Time And Then They VanishedThis Is Their Story Bornstellar Makes Eternal Lasting Is A Young Rebellious Forerunner He Is A Manipular, Untried Yet To Become Part Of The Adult Forerunner Society, Where Vast Knowledge And Duty Waits He Comes From A Family Of Builders, The Forerunners Highest And Most Politically Powerful Rate It Is The Builders Who Create The Grand Technology That Facilitates Forerunner Dominance Over The Known Universe It Is The Builders Who Believe They Must Shoulder The Greatest Burden Of The Mantle As Shepherds And Guardians Of All LifeBornstellar Is Marked To Become A Great Builder Just Like His Father But This Manipular Has Other Plans He Is Obsessed With Lost Treasures Of The Past His Reckless Passion To Seek Out The Marvelous Artifacts Left Behind By The Precursors Long Vanished Superbeings Of Unknowable Power And Intent Forces His Father S Hand Bornstellar Is Sent To Live Among The Miners, Where He Must Come To Terms With Where His Duty Truly Lies But Powerful Forces Are At Play Forerunner Society Is At A Major Crux Past Threats Are Once Again Proving Relentless Dire Solutions Machines And Strategies Never Before Contemplated Are Being Called Up, And Fissures In Forerunner Power Are Leading To ChaosOn A Lifeworker S Experimental Planet, Bornstellar S Rebellious Course Crosses The Paths Of Two Humans, And The Long Lifeline Of A Great Military Leader, Forever Changing Bornstellar S Destiny And The Fate Of The Entire Galaxy Halo Cryptum By Greg Bear Is A Tale Of Life, Death, Intergalactic Horror, Exile, And Maturity It Is A Story Of Overwhelming Change And Of Human Origins For The Mantle May Not Lie Upon The Shoulders Of Forerunners Forever

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  1. Diego Diego says:

    Muy bien narrado, cuenta las andanzas de un joven forerruner cuando encuentra al didacta en la tierra y los posteriores sucesos, inmersos en la guerra forerruner Flood Tambien se cuentas costumbres, datos y secretos sobre la avanzada civilizaci n Muy interesanteSolo para gente a la que le guste Halo, por supuesto.

  2. Sergio de Pazos Sergio de Pazos says:

    Si te gusta Greg Bear y te gusta los videojuegos de saga Halo te gustara.No te lo compres si no has jugado a los videojuegos

  3. Rafael Ángel Alonso Álvarez Rafael Ángel Alonso Álvarez says:

    Cumple con lo esperado a un precio muy competitivo respecto al comercio Me ha resultado sencillo comprar a ltima hora.

  4. Neo Neo says:

    Realmente este libro me ha sorprendido, no esperaba que al empezar a leerlo no pod a parar, e disfrutado mucho con este libro

  5. Ben Brown Ben Brown says:

    Halo Cryptum is a tough book to read, and an even harder book to review The first in a trilogy, set hundreds of thousands of years before the events of the original Halo video game, Cryptum digs DEEP into the lore of the Forerunners, the Flood, and the origin of the Halo rings and it does all of that without ever once even coming close to holding the reader s hand.For my money, that s both a good thing and a bad thing It s a good thing, because writer Greg Bear clearly trusts that his readers are smart enough to keep up with the LITANY of made up vernacular seriously, this book comes with an entire glossary of terms, just in case you forget what ancilla or Mantle or metarch or gea means and need to check and murky Forerunner politicking that he packs into these 352 pages It s refreshing to read a book that doesn t speak down to the reader or overexplain plot points that don t need belabored What s , reading a Halo story that s set outside of the confines of the Human Covenant War, in a time frame that s yet to be truly explored and fleshed out, is beyond refreshing it s exhilarating, kind of in the same way that it was when George Lucas opened the floodgates to the Prequel Trilogy era Getting to witness firsthand things that, up until now, had been only mentioned in vague asides is a real treat at least, most of the time.And that s where my issues with Cryptum begin to crop up As mentioned, this is the first book of a trilogy, and boy, does it feel like it In my humble opinion, the best number ones in trilogies do two things they clearly and excitingly set the stage for the events yet to come in Parts 2 and 3, while also telling a compelling story on its own terms If I were grading Cryptum on how well it does both things, I d probably say that it puts forward a B B effort with the former, and a C C for the latter It s amazing for a book that s so dense and at times indecipherable, Cryptum often feels shockingly meandering and even dare I say it emptyI think part of the problem is that we re given zero characters to connect with here our protagonist, Bornstellar whose perspective we view the entire story through is basically an empty cypher, one who is nearly impossible to relate to meanwhile, all of the supporting characters are either clich s or similarly unreadable It also doesn t help that the entirety of the novel s plot without spoiling anything ends up, by the third, being completely tangential to the REAL plot that s clearly going to be dominating Books 2 and 3 Don t get me wrong, I m psyched to read them and see what happens next but it would have been really nice if this book felt less like a novel length prelude to the real story and like the first 1 3 of Bear s epic saga Throw in the fact that there are significant chunks of this novel that are difficult, if not nigh impossible to fully understand without consulting Halopedia, and it s hard not to feel just a little but gipped by the time you reach the last page.So, overall, is Halo Cryptum worth a read I d say just as I have with so many of these Halo novels and comics that if you re a fan of the franchise and are curious to know the backstory of this universe, then absolutely there s enough fun fan service, interesting revelations, and promises of a greater and better story to come to make slogging through the less enjoyable portions here worth it Non Halo fans, however, definitely need not apply.

  6. Sacha V Sacha V says:

    This was a fantastic journey to the very foundations of the Halo Universe Bornstellar, a young Manipular is on a quest to find Precursor treasure artifacts and he winds up with two humans, a Florian named Riser who is about half the height of regular humans, and Chakas The Librarian essentially manipulated the the meeting in order to locate, and free her husband the Didact, from his Cryptum and thousand year exile.After he s free, the Didact takes them to the planet of Charum Hakkor, a place where the Forerunners finally defeated the humans ten thousand years prior and the place where they kept a prisoner locked in an inescapable prison They find the planet destroyed and the prisoner missing, and the Didact realizes that a Halo has been used.Forerunners undergo what is called a mutation a number of times in their lives It is a merging with an older Forerunners mind so to speak, and is part of their growth and education After they leave the destroyed world, the Didact convinces the Manipular to undergo a Brevet mutation with him, telling Bornstellar the Librarian would not have brought them together if this isn t part of what she intended.He does so, and slowly begins to learn all that the Didact knows including the original purpose of the Halo s which was to fight the Flood, and how the humans figured out the secret of the prisoner.Greg Bear does a fantastic job weaving this story together, and the world building is magnificent.

  7. Relytia Relytia says:

    Halo as a series has almost unlimited potential for compelling and interesting stories, but one of the areas most ripe with potential has largely been un elaborated on The wondrous Forerunners and their mythological legacy has always been one of the most fascinating and mysterious aspects of Halo Up until now, the most we really got in terms of explaining what exactly happened to them was in the games stories the details of which were cryptic and mysterious at best , and in the form of obscure but cool nonetheless terminals in the games that added some detail to their demise This book, Cryptum, is the first of a trilogy meant to finally explain what happened 100 millennia ago that lead to their disappearance Great idea The book is written from the perspective of a young and rebellious Manipular think Forerunner teenager named Bornstellar Makes Eternal Lasting, who runs off to search for ancient artifacts from an even MORE ancient, powerful, and seemingly extinct race, the Precursors Along with some human companions he has made the journey, they uncover and awaken a powerful, legendary Promethean think super powerful Forerunner warrior general named the Didact recognize that name from the terminals ofHalo 3andHalo Anniversary who has spent the last thousand years in exile by slumber in a Cryptum Needless to say, times are pretty tough for the Forerunners, who are now rud to be struggling against the hideous flood in their border worlds How fortunate, that they would find this legendary general at such a time It s the start of a compelling and exciting journey, to be sure This is merely a glimpse of the premise of the story, and obviously the book has many interesting details to uncover.Greg Bear is a fairly famous science fiction writer with a rather impressive resume and pedigree It s easy to see why he has this reputation when reading Cryptum His diction is undeniably compelling and elegant, and the flow of his writing has a major feeling of eloquence to it Bear s writings from Bornstellar s perspective perfectly reflects the kind of elegance and higher thinking you d expect of the brilliantly advanced and enlightened Forerunners, as well as the kind of arrogance you may expect of a teen but he grows up quite a bit throughout the story in ways both conventional and not The story itself is fairly compelling and fast moving It was very easy to just keep reading and reading and reading, 100 pages flash by in what seems like a few minutes It s super engrossing The characters are, for the most part, well written and the story surrounding them progresses quite naturally It s very compelling.Bear s intriguing word choice and flow also complements the overall Forerunner culture Even after reading this book, the Forerunners still feel mysterious and details of their existence are still quite open to interpretation and speculation Even the physical description they are given leaves some room for interpretation, and their technology still feels like magic How does their personal armor suits allow them to go without sleeping How does it extend the lifespan so many thousands of years Writing from the perspective of a Forerunner is pretty clever, as he describes the technology like it s common and the inner workings and functions of it all is already understood, so no attempt to explain that stuff is made So while we may read that a ship that assembled itself from a mechanical seed activating under a mountain, converting said mountain into raw materials and then into a massive monolith of a ship, we have no clue how it does so, keeping the sense of mystery and wonder at the Forerunners ingenuity intact Great job with that The only complaint I would make about this book is that, at times, it feels as if Bear was instructed not to say too much with regards to important details This trilogy is being coordinated by 343 Industries, the company in charge of Halo s development, and as such, they have a large degree of control over what details go into each book They have expressed that this trilogy of books will majorly resonate with the upcomingHalo 4and the rest of the new Reclaimer Trilogy Because of this, the book sometimes feels like major details are kept hush hush and skimped over, and minute, inconsequential details are fluffed up and stretched out to fill out the book, all in the name of keeping Halo 4 s surprises, well, surprising In fact, some big moments are so small in comparison to the build ups of them, you ll be left wondering, Wait, what just happened Did I miss something As such, there are times when this book feels a bit like a tease, a dangling carrot on a stick that doesn t quite get the pay offs or explanations you d hope for after all the build up in the book Again, I understand the information and details have to be rationed out because of 343i s agenda Even so, these complaints are pretty small in comparison to the strengths of the book Don t let it dissuade you from picking Cryptum up It is, after all, the first in a trilogy and the future installments will undoubtedly answer questions this book doesn t.Overall, this is a definitely solid start to a great idea for a Halo book trilogy A lot of details that have been revealed in this book may upset a lot of people who thought they figured everything out about the Forerunner history I was kind of shocked at some of the details this book revealed about not only Forerunner history, but also the history of ancient Humans, San Shyuum also known as the prophets of the covenant , and the flood Despite the carrot on a stickery at times, this book has a lot of relevatory details to enjoy As one who loves the Halo series mostly for its awesome story, this is a fairly easy recommendation Just don t go in with preconceived notions of what the story should be, and you ll be much rewarded with a well written, fascinating look at the beginning of the end for the Forerunners.