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Todd Anderson And His Friends At Welton Academy Can Hardly Believe How Different Life Is Since Their New English Professor, The Flamboyant John Keating, Has Challenged Them To Make Your Lives Extraordinary Inspired By Keating, The Boys Resurrect The Dead Poets Society A Secret Club Where, Free From The Constraints And Expectations Of School And Parents, They Let Their Passions Run Wild As Keating Turns The Boys On To The Great Words Of Byron, Shelley, And Keats, They Discover Not Only The Beauty Of Language, But The Importance Of Making Each Moment CountBut The Dead Poets Pledges Soon Realize That Their Newfound Freedom Can Have Tragic Consequences Can The Club And The Individuality It Inspires Survive The Pressure From Authorities Determined To Destroy Their Dreams

6 thoughts on “Dead Poets Society

  1. La favorita del Reich La favorita del Reich says:

    Too short and much too simple, if you ve seen the film you wont get anything new it is based on.

  2. K. Peterson K. Peterson says:

    I didn t really agree with much of what this book professed to say about schools or humanity Some of the book wasn t particularly suited to young people highschool age and down although it probably suits others besides me Mainly the book seems to knock tradition, honor, discipline and excellence while encouraging free thinking I guess I would encourage tradition, honor, discipline and excellence AND free thinking

  3. Natalie Natalie says:

    I thought I ordered the wrong text, so it turned out to be some adaptation straight from the movie instead I kept it Read it nearly 2 years after ordering and it looks about the same as from the movie seen from spring 2017 during intro to poetry class except detailed Good job, for sending some mistake that turned out to be a keepsake.

  4. Alexa Alexa says:

    An amazing adaptation of the movie Mr Keating really comes alive in it just as he does in the movie Highly recommended for anyone who enjoyed the movie It arrived in a good condition and in a timely fashion.

  5. Ian says Ian says says:

    Excellent read Follows the movie with minor exceptions If you love the movie you will enjoy this too Carpe diem, seize the day boys

  6. ria ria says:

    I decided to read this after I watched the movie Of course I wasn t expecting anything that could match the greatness of the movie, but the book was quite allright I really enjoyed having access to a completely diferent perspective when it comes to describing the characters that I loved so much.Not really a masterpiece, but a book worth reding if you liked the movie.