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SHORTLISTED FOR THE WOMEN S PRIZE FOR FICTION WINNER OF THE NATIONAL BOOK AWARD ONE OF BARACK OBAMA S BEST BOOKS OF SELECTED AS A BOOK OF THE YEAR BY THE NEW YORK TIMES, THE NEW STATESMAN, THE FINANCIAL TIMES, THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW, TIME AND THE BBC A Must Margaret Atwood A Searing, Urgent Read Celeste Ng Staggering Marlon James Disarmingly Beautiful Spectator Blazing With Power, Grief And Tenderness Financial TimesAn Intimate Portrait Of A Family And An Epic Tale Of Hope And Struggle, Sing, Unburied, Sing Examines The Ugly Truths At The Heart Of The American Story And The Power And Limitations Of Family Bonds Jojo Is Thirteen Years Old And Trying To Understand What It Means To Be A Man His Mother, Leonie, Is In Constant Conflict With Herself And Those Around Her She Is Black And Her Children S Father Is White Embattled In Ways That Reflect The Brutal Reality Of Her Circumstances, She Wants To Be A Better Mother, But Can T Put Her Children Above Her Own Needs, Especially Her Drug Use When The Children S Father Is Released From Prison, Leonie Packs Her Kids And A Friend Into Her Car And Drives North To The Heart Of Mississippi And Parchman Farm, The State Penitentiary At Parchman, There Is Another Boy, The Ghost Of A Dead Inmate Who Carries All Of The Ugly History Of The South With Him In His Wandering He Too Has Something To Teach Jojo About Fathers And Sons, About Legacies, About Violence, About LoveRich With Ward S Distinctive, Lyrical Language, Sing, Unburied, Sing Brings The Archetypal Road Novel Into Rural Twenty First Century America A page turner that is incredibly difficult to get through The writing is raw and real with few glimpses of hope and happiness While predictable at times this does not take away from the work at all While you might say I lack a thick skin for saying this I read this over the course of 2 days and I found this to be so dark that I could only handle it in doses I had to go out for walks in the sunlight to clear my head every few hours but I guess this is also what merits the 5 stars. Stunningly rendered At the risk of being oxymoronic, sad tale but beautifully written is the most apt description I can give of this novel Your heart will absolutely ache for Jojo, i.e Joseph Jesmyn is certainly at the top of her game with Sing, Unburied, Sing She sets this novel in the Mississippi Delta, and we have two main narrators Leonie, the young mother and Jojo her thirteen year old son, and a third narrator who leads three chapters and his presence gives explanation to the book s title, Richie.Jojo and his little sister Kayla are children of Leonie, who is a drug abusing mother with zero mothering instincts The three of them live with Mam and Pop, Leonie s parents and the children s grandparents Jojo is like the surrogate father, as Leonie is often gone and the father, Michael is locked up in the notorious Parchman prison Kayla reaches to Jojo for succor and nurture much to Leonie s dismay Jesmyn is great at writing viscerally, and the reader will feel the simmering emotion of Jojo Jesmyn subtly takes on poverty, racism and drug abuse We get to experience the drug use along with Leonie Leonie has hooked up with Michael since high school and he is the white father of her two kids It was a sense of two broken souls recognizing each other that brought them together.Because I wanted Michael s mouth on me, because from the first moment I saw him walking across the grass to where I sat in the shadow of the school sign, he saw me Saw past skin the color of unmilked coffee, eyes black, lips the color of plums, and saw me Saw the walking wound I was, and came to be my balm Michael s parents never approved of the union and didn t meet their grandchildren until JoJo was a teenager and Kayla a toddler as they stopped by their house on the way back from picking up Michael after a three year stint in the prison.Jesmyn brilliantly uses that actual road trip to take readers on a virtual trip thru the lives of Leonie, Pop and Man, and also Given Given is the older brother of Leonie who lost his life to one of Michael s cousin s Leonie often can see and hear Given, she finds these visions comforting especially when she is high Jesmyn has layered the book on different levels, weaving past present and future in a haunting magnificence Pop often regales young Jojo with stories about his life and his own stay at Parchman Pop is struggling in dealing with Mam who is dying of cancer and Jesmyn s writing around the decay and devastation of cancer and Mam s way of dealing and exiting this life is the phenomenal highlight of a book that has many The novel moves back and forth in time, eventually coming full circle, and it is mostly through Pop and Jojo s interactions and conversations that this five star tale gets flushed out Pop has some psychological scars from his time at Parchman and shares with Jojo bits at a time This adds a bit of suspense to the novel, because readers will want the complete story of what happened It seems he tells Jojo the same beginning and middle parts of his Parchman stay, but never the ending, well the ending of Pop s story coincides with the denouement of the novel and the book title will be clearly and fully brought to light An excellent undertaking by Jesmyn Ward I received an advanced reading copy from Netgalley in exchange for a review The book will publish Sept 5, 2017. When I come across a book like Jesmyn Ward s novel SING, UNBURIED, SING, it only reinforces why I love to read I could not wait for night to come so that I could continue to read this heart breaking but meaningful book With every page I lost myself in the story I loved a character, I despised another Each is essential to the whole My heart was pounding I cried so hard, not for myself, but for the cruelty of humankind, the love that is, but often only memory contains and thankfully talented writers can capture.Set in rural Mississippi, told from each character s point of view, we learn about the untimely and extremely unfortunate deaths of two people, different generations, both a result of racial strife, who come to haunt a mother and her son The young boy, Jojo, our protagonist, is caught in a difficult position in his family He has a seemingly uncaring mother yet the extreme love of his grandfather He is also the primary caregiver to his sweet baby sister who has rejected their mother, with good cause.The grandfather, known as Pop, is wise beyond his years and his wife, Mam, who is dying of cancer, equally so They have enough love to give, despite having lost a son and raised a selfish daughter, perhaps who took a wrong turn as a result of drugs or when she married a louse who is in jail.Pop has seen than his eyes can bear But he knows that he has lessons to teach Mam does as well, and she reigns from her bed, even in her weakest state Jojo, perhaps the wisest of them all, sees beyond this life, but he is still learning.SING, UNBURIED, SING is a lyrical piece of literature that I hope will become an enduring staple just as TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD is in our school reading programs.