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Rankine s experimental work here is unique strong and has struck a cord on race relations and theory as well The prose poems are particularly strong, exploring micro aggressions and other forms of tension in lyric vignettes that can delve into the psychology and social pathology of those seemingly minor events The poetry around Serena Williams and black bodies are particularly innovative and the narrative pulls one through some real earned rage, but one not used the tropes of experimental poetry may be frustrated with some of the other sections That said, Rankine is a master of layering and complicating while exploring seemingly invisible in US society Further, Rankine depth of feeling can pull one through what may seem like otherwise poetically intimidating techniques For understanding the racial divide, for appreciating experimental poetry, for insight into American life, Rankine s Citizen has earned all the awards it has gotten and will get people to go places both artistically and socially that would otherwise make them uncomfortable. Claudia Rankine s Citizen An American Lyric, may be thought of as a book of poetry, especially because it was the recipient of the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work in Poetry However, the pieces collected in this book defy easy classification Citizen is a book of lyricism, image, blank space, identity, and tribute It is a counter narrative to the racism of the dominant white culture in America, as it seeks to give voice to those who have been silenced and grouped into a collective that erases individuality Rankine seeks to reclaim the image of the black body by removing it from view the writing in this book is highly lyrical, but holds back in its imagery Rather, images appear as actual photographs that color the stark white pages of the book By deemphasizing the image of the black body in her language, Rankine speaks against the conception of the black body as something merely to be viewed.But Rankine does than remove things from view she calls forth every person s complicity in the racist culture of which Americans are all a part She does this by writing most of the pieces in this book in the second person The reader is confronted with herself over and over in lines such as The sky is blue, kind of blue The day is hot Is it cold Are you cold It does get cool It is cool Are you cool Rankine seems to be asking the reader, are you cool with this Will you sit by and allow systematic racism to oppress and destroy an entire people She lets no one escape her microscope, ultimately showing us that both the victim and the oppressor are damaged by the effects of racism.Citizen is an essential read for every American, at the very least because it undercuts the idea that there is one single, true American narrative in reality, the lessons we learn in history class are largely a fiction of facts Black people in America have been continuously oppressed through the language of the white narrative in this book, Rankine uses lyricism and photographs to reclaim the oppressive linguistic translations of the black experience she illuminates another side of history. Claudia Rankine S Bold New Book Recounts Mounting Racial Aggressions In Ongoing Encounters In St Century Daily Life And In The Media The Accumulative Stresses Come To Bear On A Person S Ability To Speak, Perform And Stay Alive Our Addressability Is Tied To The State Of Our Belonging, Rankine Argues, As Are Our Assumptions And Expectations Of Citizenship In Essays, Images And Poetry, Citizen Is A Powerful Testament To The Individual And Collective Effects Of Racism In Our Contemporary, Post Race Society