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Discover The NewDoctor Who Classics When The Entire Universe Is At Stake, Three Different Doctors Will Unite To Save It The Tenth Doctor Is Hunting Shape Shifting Zygons In Elizabethan England The Eleventh Is Investigating A Rift In Space Time In The Present Day And One Other The Man They Used To Be But Never Speak Of Is Fighting The Daleks In The Darkest Days Of The Time War Driven By Demons And Despair, This Battle Scarred Doctor Is Set To Take A Devastating Decision That Will Threaten The Survival Of The Entire Universe A Decision That Not Even A Time Lord Can Take Alone On This Day, The Doctor S Different Incarnations Will Come Together To Save The Earth To Save The Universe And To Save His Soul NOTA El Libro No Est En Espa Ol, Sino En Ingl S

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  1. Michael Cook Michael Cook says:

    Steven Moffat should absolutely consider novelizing of his episodes if the BBC decides to do of these This book brilliantly expands on all the best parts of the episodes while filling in gaps that weren t able to be filled in in the episode itself There are so many unexpected elements of this book that I don t wanna go into any detail about them for fear of ruining the fun Needless to say, if you loved the episode, you ll love the book And the best part is that it s still a surprising book even if you ve seen the episode one hundred times It begins with an adaptation of the 8th Doctor mini episode, Night of the Doctor, and that s everything you d ever hoped it would be, and continues from there, or less following the sequence of events as they happened in the episode, while adding lots of new details here and there as appropriate There are many, many little moments that Moffat sprinkles throughout this adaptation that really adds to the magic of the episode, especially towards the end when the multiple incarnations of the Doctor come together to save Gallifrey Moffat plays with point of view a lot in this book and uses the fact that it s a multi Doctor story to his advantage when it comes to exploring the Doctor s thoughts in regards to the action happening around him There s a chapter, about midway through the book, where the 10th Doctor, 11th Doctor, and War Doctor are being transported to the London Tower and the chapter really goes into how it feels for the Doctor to be experiencing the same events, over and over again, throughout these three incarnations This exploration comes to a head in a later chapter that covers the events inside the prison cell where the multiple incarnations of the Doctor confront themselves over how many children were on Gallifrey when it was destroyed It s a beautiful moment in the show that s made even beautiful by the way Moffat uses the prose to explore the thoughts and feelings of each of these three Doctors and how it feels to know what s about to happen and having to feel the pain of the realization over and over again My words don t do the beauty of the chapter justice.Like many of Moffat s best episodes, this adaptation of The Day of the Doctor features many timey wimey elements, least of which being the fact that the chapters aren t at all in the correct order the first chapter of the book is actually Chapter 8, and they continue to be out of order for the remainder of the book There s a reason for all of this, of course, but it still feels very Moffat y The action jumps around from scene to scene and features lots of added scenes and asides to flesh out the book, and it s all narrated by a rather surprising narrator At the end of the day, if you liked the episode, you ll love the novel even It s Moffat at his best.

  2. Chris Coyne Chris Coyne says:

    I m so happy that target books are doing Doctor Who novelizations When I was a child, before vhs and DVD s and and Britbox, the only way for me to watch Doctor Who was on PBS I watched it when I got home from school and on Sunday mornings Tom Baker will always be my favorite Then I moved to a state who s PBS didn t Doctor Who and I went into serious withdrawal Thanks to Target books novelizations of Doctor Who adventures, I was able to survive until I moved to a state that showed Doctor Who I think I bought them all at one point This version of The Day of the Doctor was great My only complaint is that some of Bad Wolfe girl parts that were in the special were cut of the book Her conversations with the War Doctor were some of the best parts of special I hope target does novelizations of Doctor Who soon.

  3. Joe L Joe L says:

    Wow This is one of the first Target adaptations of the new Doctor Who series Steven Moffat adapts his own script of the 50th anniversary story It s timey wimey, even in the table of contents Full of Easter Eggs Changes a few things to make it work in book form Love the multiple points of view The televised story focused on The 11th Doctor, but this is The War Doctor s tale The physical book won t be available in the US until June, but I couldn t wait I ll sure I ll buy that too I didn t grow up on the Target Novelizations so I can t say how close this is to the classics I ve only read Remembrance of the Daleks I will absolutely get the rest of the new Targets I want The Moff is as brilliant in prose writing as he is in script writting Please adapt The 11th Hour and the Angels two parter from Series 5 I want the 11, Amy, and Rory team Please.

  4. Fantastic Alice Fox Fantastic Alice Fox says:

    I read the sample and within minutes I found this in my library downloading the full copy Novelizations are a wonderful curio of an earlier age and this book is why they shouldn t be in the past I felt like I was reading the book Day of the Doctor was based on not the other way around It s humorous, in depth, and I feel I know every character in the book much better than before I also found myself crying in several points Tears are good for the soul though I am so happy this came out as I wasn t able to see DOTD when it came out for reasons that caused many tears But I got to read this when it came out and that causes no tears It s so good it Hurt The War Doctor has a stronger presence in the book and I found much of the time I quite enjoyed reading it with his voice I ve heard Nick Briggs is reading the audiobook and he does a lovely Jon Hurt His River Song sounds suspiciously like a bloke though I like books that defend being books This is particularly true of novelizations because if it doesn t take thorough advantage of the written word than what s the point of it Every Chapter, Every page was full of little details and aspects of the characters and their thoughts I normally like a lot of description in my books and it doesn t disappoint but it is very internal Since it s a novelization with iconic characters and written for fans it s not necessary to describe every character or location and instead it describes what s going on in someone s head quite frequently It is mostly from the perspective of the Doctor as well as a second narrator who introduces each chapter It was a delightful way to approach the book and gave me fond memories of The Three Doctors and other multi Doctor adventures.Also as a treat, the beginning is a novelization of Night of the Doctor which I found delightful and funny If you have watched Day of the Doctor a dozen times or only once you will still enjoy this book.If you haven t seen Day of the Doctor yet you will still love the book You may even think the book is better.Highly recommended 13 13.