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Excelente, me ha permitido acceder a la versi n en ingles de este libro, que me hubiese costado encontrar en otras librerias Est muy bien redactado, buen dise o, es ligero y tiene un ingl s brit nico Lo nico, hacer saber que el nivel del idioma es bastante alto. Agradable, muy recomendable para gente que quiera ampliar su vocabulario de manera divertida y dinmica No se hace nada pesado. Ten a ganas de leerlo Excelente libro sobre todo porque viene escrito en ingl s, y es complicado encontrarlos en dicha lengua, y es la lengua materna de mis hijos.seguir comprando libros aqu siempre Interesante. An Exciting Science ThrillerNew York TimesIsaac Asimov Was One Of The Great Explainers Of The AgeIt Will Never Be Known How Many Practicing Scientists Today, In How Many Countries, Owe Their Initial Inspiration To A Book, Article, Or Short Story By Isaac AsimovCarl SaganAsimov Displayed One Of The Most Dynamic Imaginations In Science FictionDaily TelegraphAsimovs Career Was One Of The Most Formidable In Science FictionThe TimesThis Classic Science Fiction Masterwork By Isaac Asimov Weaves Stories About Robots, Humanity, And The Deep Questions Of Existence Into A Novel Of Shocking Intelligence And HeartA Must Read For Science Fiction Buffs And Literature Enjoyers Alike The Guardian I, Robot, The First And Most Widely Read Book In Asimovs Robot Series, Forever Changed The Worlds Perception Of Artificial Intelligence Here Are Stories Of Robots Gone Mad, Of Mind Reading Robots, And Robots With A Sense Of Humor Of Robot Politicians, And Robots Who Secretly Run The Worldall Told With The Dramatic Blend Of Science Fact And Science Fiction That Has Become Asimovs Trademark The Three Laws Of Robotics A Robot May Not Injure A Human Being Or, Through Inaction, Allow A Human Being To Come To Harm A Robot Must Obey Orders Given To It By Human Beings Except Where Such Orders Would Conflict With The First Law A Robot Must Protect Its Own Existence As Long As Such Protection Does Not Conflict With The First Or Second Law With These Three, Simple Directives, Isaac Asimov Formulated The Laws Governing Robots Behavior In I, Robot, Asimov Chronicles The Development Of The Robot From Its Primitive Origins In The Present To Its Ultimate Perfection In The Not So Distant Futurea Future In Which Humanity Itself May Be Rendered Obsolete Tremendously Exciting And Entertaining Asimov Dramatizes An Interesting Question How Can We Live With Machines That, Generation By Generation, Grow Intelligent Than Their Creators And Not Eventually Clash With Our Own Invention The Chicago Tribune