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It Would Be Hard To Make History Entertaining, Lively Or Engaging Sunday Express Queen Of The Historical Novel Mail On Sunday Gregory Brings To Life The Sights, Smells And Textures Of Th Century England Kate Mosse, Financial Times Rollicking, Page Turning Stuff Metro Of Woodville Herself, Gregory Makes A Fascinating Heroine Strong, Ambitious, Vengeful, Beautiful And Tinged With Than A Hint Of Witchcraft Popular History At Its Best Daily Mail History Comes Gloriously Alive As Widowed Elisabeth Woodville Of The House Of Lancaster Seduces And Marries Yorkist King Edward IV From Then On Conflict, Betrayal And Murder Stalk Her Life As The Queen Of England Mirror As With The Other Boleyn Girl, Gregory S Clever Blend Of Fact And Fiction Is A Lot Racier Than The Average Historical Biography Her Tale Of Elizabeth Woodville S Tenacious Fight For Her Family S Position During The Wars Of The Roses Oozes Sex Appeal And Suspense Glamour Magazine Lady Margaret Beaufort Cold, Clever, Calculating Will Stop At Nothing To Put Her Son Henry Tudor On The Throne Gregory Is Very Good At Describing The Bitchiness Of The Women In This Tale Of Dynastic Rivalry Telegraph Entrancing Telegraph An Informative And Riveting Read From Start To Finish Edinburgh Evening News Gregory Brings This Period Of History And Another Strong Female Character To Life With The Same Colour And Intrigue She Applies To All Her Novels Glasgow Evening Times A Gripping Read South Wales Echo Whips Along With Lashings Of Historical Intrigue Company Gregory S Novels Are, In Fact, Meticulously Researched Pieces Of Historical Scholarship For Each Novel She Immerses Herself In Dozens Of Primary And Secondary Sources, Before Transforming Them Into Vivid Fiction Sunday TelegraphGregory Returns With Another Sister Act The Result Her Best Novel In YearsGregory Delivers Another Vivid And Satisfying Novel Of Court Intrigue, Revenge, And Superstition Gregory S Many Fans As Well As Readers Who Enjoy Lush, Evocative Writing, Vividly Drawn Characters, And Fascinating History Told From A Woman S Point Of View Will Love Her Latest WorkGregory Is One Of Historical Fiction S Superstars, And The Kingmaker S Daughter Shows Why Providing Intelligent Escape, A Trip Through Time To A Dangerous PastWielding Magic Again In Her Latest War Of The Roses Novel Gregory Demonstrates The Passion And Skill That Has Made Her The Queen Of English Historical FictionGregory Portrays Spirited Women At Odds With Powerful Men, Endowing Distant Historical Events With Drama, And Figures Long Dead Or Invented With Real Life Flaws And Grand Emotions She Makes History Come Alive For ReadersEngrossing Bright, Lyrical The Washington PostEngrossing Bright, Lyrical The Washington PostThe Inspiration For The Critically Acclaimed Starz Miniseries The White Queen, New York Times Bestselling Author Philippa Gregory Brings To Life The Extraordinary Story Of Elizabeth Woodville, A Woman Who Rises From Obscurity To Become Queen Of England, And Changes The Course Of History ForeverElizabeth Woodville Is A Woman Of Extraordinary Beauty And Ambition Her Mother Is Jacquetta, Also Known As The Mystical Lady Of The Rivers, And She Is Even Determined To Bring Power And Wealth To The Family Line While Riding In The Woods One Day, Elizabeth Captures The Attentions Of The Newly Crowned King Edward IV And, Despite Her Common Upbringing, Marries Him In Secret When She Is Raised Up To Be His Queen, The English Court Is Outraged, But Elizabeth Rises To The Demands Of Her Exalted Position And Fights For Her Familys Dominance Yet Despite Her Best Efforts, And Even With The Help Of Her Mothers Powers, Her Two Sons Become Pawns In A Famous Unsolved Mystery That Has Confounded Historians For Centuries The Lost Princes In The Tower Of London In This Dazzling Account Of The Deadly Wars Of The Roses, Brother Turns On Brother To Win The Ultimate Prize The Throne Of England

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    Libro de bolsillo en ingl s Genial para que no se nos olvide a los que lo hemos estudiado y adem s novela hist rica

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    Me encanta esta serie de libros de Philippa Gregory, pero a n m s me gusta el trabajo de Book Depository Son super profesionales y te regalan con el libro un marca p ginas precioso.

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    Si te gusta la novela hist rica inglesa, lee a Philippa Gregory.Son f ciles de leer, interesantes y muy entretenidos A mi me encantan.

  4. Cayla Cayla says:

    This book was GREAT I had no idea that Elizabeth was such a proactive and prolific Queen There is so much that we don t know about our English history or at least we didn t go this far back when I was in school I love how Philippa Gregory incorporates her research into her novels She brings her characters to life.

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    I don t like spoilers I will say, if you love English medieval history and want to escape, then this is the book to purchase You will be swept away into a whirlwind of love and war, suspense and peace Philippa Greogroy s writing style has a flow that is intoxicating She does fill in the missing parts of history no one can see Think about it, if she was to ONLY write what s written in the archives, the book would be no longer than 10 pages long When reading historical fantasy, remember we were not there We have to use our imagination to fill in the missing part of history the scribe did not capture Phillipa does a brilliant job of this If you have not read Lady of the Rivers, the story of Jacquetta Rivers Elizabeth Woodvillle s mother , then I suggest you read it first It lays a lot of the foundation of the store of the White Queen Happy Reading The cover, I must add, is absolutely lovely of the actress Max Iron and Rebecca Ferguson.

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    I don t know what genre to place this book in Stripped to its essence, I would have to say that this is a romance It just happens that it takes place in the historical setting of the battle for the English throne known as the war of the roses As such, it contains all the elements of an adventure novel as well as some aspects of a mystery It also contains aspects of magic and witchcraft What this book is not, and never professed to be, is a history book.The White Queen is the story of Elizabeth Woodville, the commoner and former Lancaster supporter, who married the newly crowned Edward IV from the house of York They married in secret, for love, and kept it quiet for a time because marriages during that time among nobles were arranged for political alliances Told mostly in the first person from Elizabeth s point of view, the book starts in 1463 when Elizabeth first meets Edward until 1485 when Edward s brother Richard III holds the throne.The book was meticulously researched and contains an extensive bibliography for anyone wanting to read the history By using the first person, Ms Gregory is filling in the thoughts of Elizabeth as well as the behind the scenes dealings in the king s court These are not historically accurate, nor were they ever portrayed as such One can only guess what went on behind the scenes as no historical documents exist to tell us, and with all the backstabbing going on I am not surprised that nothing was put in writing.Another nice touch added by the author was the introduction of magic to the story Elizabeth s mother claimed to be descended from Melusina, the water goddess who was half woman and half fish Melusina s legend exists in many cultures and is probably most well known as that of a mermaid This legend is woven into the events of the war of the roses masterfully, and Elizabeth and her mother are both accused of witchcraft at one point or another Whether to believe or not is left up to the reader.If you enjoyed Outlander, by Diana Gabaldon as I did, then I think you will also enjoy The White Queen They are both similar in that they are first and foremost love stories The main difference is that there is no time travel in this book Instead, the reader is transported to the fifteenth century and sees life through the eyes of Elizabeth Woodville.

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    Typical Gregory fashioned telling of the story of the York Queen and her rise from widowhood Unfortunately it is this rise that cause so much turmoil within the York house The War of the Roses Cousins War is complicated enough, but then the York divided upon itself due to petty jealousies supposedly much caused by this secret marriage Elizabeth was not someone to be trifled with and when wronged, her curses were sure to cause the torturous death of those that perpetrated them but they tended to have a potential side effect of putting someone she loved in danger as well.Not sure if some of her problems were self fulfilling prophesies.This story did not have the emotional detail that some of her other stories It was definitely based a bit on fact and since that story was full she did not embellish as much and that part of her amazing story telling was missing

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    This was the first I ve read by Philippa Gregory Yes, really I enjoyed the glimpse back into fifteenth century England a lot This is the first book in Gregory s Cousin s War series, known to history buffs as the War of the Roses This is also the first book I ve read set in that time period, and Gregory successfully drew me back five and a half centuries What a fascinating and tumultuous time during England s history The viewpoint character is Elizabeth Woodville, who became Queen of England when she married Edward IV I became absorbed in Elizabeth s life and that of her mother, and their fascinating blend of Christianity and witchcraft Were they really like that I don t know, but Gregory certainly convinced me My only complaint is there were several longish passages of exposition where the viewpoint character relayed historical events in an almost textbook like fashion albeit an interesting textbook and I found myself skimming to get to the next time Something Happened.I absolutely loved the section dealing with the Princes in the Tower Elizabeth was the mother of those princes, so we get to know them through a mother s eyes Gregory does not buy into the commonly held notion that they were murdered by their uncle, Richard III In high school English class I wrote a term paper on the subject, and I agree with her She states her case convincingly.Even with the long passages of History Telling, I enjoyed the book enough that I bought the second in the series.