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Love Just Wasn T Enough It Was Time To Let Go That S What Kelby Was Willing To Do No Matter How Difficult Tonio Made It She Is Shocked As An Unexpected Situation Unfolds Around Her She Is Accused Of Trying To Sabotage Tonio S Happiness Does Anyone Care About Her Happiness Heart Of Gold Is The Third And Final Book In The Heart Novella Series It Is A BWWM Erotic Romance The Final Book Has No Cliffhanger Ending Updated Version Uploaded Should Be Live In Approx Hours

5 thoughts on “Heart Of Gold (A Heart Novella Book 3) (English Edition)

  1. Amazing customer Amazing customer says:

    Nobody does dialogue like Lola Lace Everything she writes is extremely entertaining I love her heroines inner dialogue It is always hilarious.I struggled with Kelby in this book I really wished she hadn t let Antonio walk all over her for as long as she did She let herself be a doormat I don t enjoy those types of heroines I also hate Antonio He was not redeemed in my eyes However, I love Lola s writing style Her characters go against the grain of traditional romance and I am a sucker for originality That coupled with the awesome dialogue and sexy scenes, makes for a great read I also love that her characters are flawed Imperfect Like people are in real life.P.s what is Joel s story There is to him than meets the eye And can we get the scoop on Daniel and his drama What about Lahaina She seems like she would have an awesome story Let s continue this series, please

  2. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    Lolah Lace s stories are steamy, engaging, and always just a bit crazyand I love them This is Book 3 of the Heart Novella series I like that in this book the heroine did a great job of standing up for herself and putting some distance between herself and the H The H was sexy and intense but also took the h for granted and was at times a bully to her This book sees our h growing and taking ownership of her life and putting out there what she wants and deserves for herself This really forces the H to look at himself and his behavior and start making changes That being said the H does all he can to win her back, after all, All s fair in love and war Great book Lolah Lace, keep it up.

  3. SL Bailey SL Bailey says:

    I have not read a book by Ms Lace that I have not re read This is another book that I will re read I m glad to see Tonio and Kelby get the love they deserved with each other I read this book in one setting I was so happy when I saw it pop up in my Kindle because I pre ordered the book Great job Ms Lolah You are the bomb dot com with these stories Keep writing and I will definitely keep reading I recommend anyone reading this review to get the complete series You will not be disappointed

  4. Curry Curry says:

    Yes Heart of Gold Book 3Book one I was on the fence Book two left me bordering between laughter, intrigue and shock Book three just confirmed what I already knew Lolah is one hell of a writer.All three books are a fantastic Tonio and Shelby s love is dark and explosive with a healthy dose of lust Lolah had me giving my younger self the side eye This was definitely a Romantic, Dramatic Hott read

  5. ALF ALF says:

    I read all three books and I must say, Antonio took the cake I applaud Kelby for putting up with his mess and he was definitely a hot mess I really enjoyed the books and now I am going to check out the Balls to Wall series.