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Okay Schwab needs to write a third book Seriously You cannot end it like that and not have a third book in the works Please Pretty Please.This books is set 5 years after Vicious And we still have all our favorite villains Victor Have to say Victor kind of irked me a bit in this one.Sydney Oh I still love her.Mitch Oh I still love himDol 3 times dead dog What is not to loveEli Actually was a part in this book I felt sorry for himPlus a few added Marcella Don t let her touch youJune Who is she really I would really like to see a book about her because I really liked June Want on her backstory.And Jonathan He was of a minor player But a very cool power.I really did like this book Have to say I liked Vicious but this was still excellent Especially the end WOW As in the first book I loved all the powers these EO s had And I think the new characters were very well written This book confused me a bit though with all the jumping around it did And Marcella, June and Jonathan were the focal characters While Victor, Sydney, Mitch and Eli were secondary this time Which I was kind of disappointed But with the way the story went That is how it had to be I did think some parts sort of dragged for me But the end sure made up for all of that That was an edge of my seat, tension building ending.It was still all in all an excellent book If you loved Vicious, you have to read this And if you didn t love Vicious, well What is wrong with you LOL Ah, Vengeful The long awaited sequel to Vicious In some ways, I m satisfied In others, disappointed Though it did not blow my mind, it was worth the wait The last hundred pages or so is where the story really kicks into high gear, but it s over before you know it.I loved all of the characters old and new and Schwab really expands on the concept of EOs in this book I felt like I was watching a slow burn Marvel movie the entire time I did find the frequent time jumps between past and present jarring, and it took a while to settle into the strange rhythm Also, I m not a fan of the repetitive writing style I don t need to know that Syd slowed, stopped, halted It was annoying, irritating, irksome The pacing was on the lagging end for my taste, but Schwab really did meticulously work her way up to tying everything together for the grand finale. Full review on kaleyconnell.wordpress.com This book, like Vicious, was wonderfully written Each chapter, each jump in time, fell in perfect sync with the next This book kept me awake well into the night, verging on early morning Vengeful isn t a page turner it s a page eater I devoured the words like they were the first meal I d had in weeks By the end, I felt like I d eaten a full course meal at a five diamond restaurant.My complaints are few and far between, and all of them are based on personal preference I wish there was backstory with certain characters I felt like a part of Marcella s story was too brushed over And lastly, I felt like this story was a little too obviously staged, especially when compared to Vicious But these would never deter me from recommending this series Which I do So, so much.So if you enjoy unique stories, amazing storytelling, and characters that will have your mind, heart, and soul in so many knots you wont ever be able to untangle them, then make sure you pick up this series I finished Vengeful by V.E Schwab over the weekend The first Villains book, Vicious, is a serious fave of mine, and I went into Vengeful with a lot of expectations I got something very different from the book, and while it wasn t what I thought it d bethis one sticks with me.It s primarily driven by powerful character arcs offered with slow burn precision There s a character in this one who is definitely not the good guy, but her POV kept making me nod with understanding As with the first book, Schwab does a remarkable job of diving into the why of the villains.So, basically, it s a hyper character driven novel and deliciously heady. This was an uncalled for sequel in all sense of the word for me It was 480 pages of pure nothing I like Vicious for what it was, not my favorite but it was alright but this was not good.We got a lot of backstory for characters that just wasn t needed, mainly Eli We were introduced to new characters who had what could have been promising story arcs but ultimately fell flat, mainly Marcella Out of all the new characters the only one I felt intrigued about was June Victor, Sydney, and Mitch all had boring arcs That is what this book was bland and boring By the time I reached the climax of the story my entire being wanted this story to be over.In conclusion this was all around a disappointing read for me. Readers Won T Be Able To Put Down This Dark And Riveting Tale Of Power And Revenge Kirkus Reviews, Starred With All The Knife Sharp Thrill Of Its Cinematic Predecessor, S Vicious, Bestseller Schwab S Second Villains Series Plunges Readers Back Into The World Of Extraordinary Humans Publisher S Weekly, Starred Vengeful Picks Up Five Years After The Insane Events Of Book One, Ratcheting Up The Stakes And Introducing Two Kickass Women With Extraordinary Powers Paste MagazineSchwab Does A Masterful Job In These Two Books, Capturing All Of The Questions Superheroes Would Raise In Our Reality And With Nuance Not Often Found In The Genre At Large BookRiotIf Vicious Is A Blast To The Chest, Then Vengeful Is A Cold Knife Between The Ribs, Sharp And Something That Ll Sit With You Long After You Reach The Last Page Culturess Schwab Is A Highly Skilled WriterWith Each Page, The Story Grows Faster, Denser, And Inescapable, Like All Good Books Should Vengeful, Like Vicious Before It, Is One Of Those Books Den Of GeekVengeful Combines Shades Of Mary Shelley With A Shadowy Government Agency Worthy Of The X Men And A Plot That Asks Deep Questions About Ethics, Revenge, Life, And Death In A World Where There Are No Heroes, Whose Side Will You Choose BThe Long Anticipated Sequel To VS Schwab S Super Villain Novel, Vicious, Is Finally Here, And It S Worth The Wait BustleVE Schwab Showcases Her Prolific Writing Prowess In Vengefulan Adrenaline Rush HypableA Super Powered Collision Of Extraordinary Minds And Vengeful IntentionsV E Schwab Returns With The Thrilling Follow Up ToViciousMagneto And Professor X Superman And Lex Luthor Victor Vale And Eli Ever Sydney And Serena Clarke Great Partnerships, Now Soured On The VineBut Marcella Riggins Needs No One Flush From Her Brush With Death, Shes Finally Gained The Control Shes Always Soughtand Will Use Her Newfound Power To Bring The City Of Merit To Its Knees Shell Do Whatever It Takes, Collecting Her Own Sidekicks, And Leveraging The Two Most Infamous EOs, Victor Vale And Eli Ever, Against Each Other OnceWith Marcellas Rise, New Enmities Create Opportunityand The Stage Of Merit City Will Once Again Be Set For A Final, Terrible Reckoning