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I was a Special Agent in the FBI from 1983 to 1987, and in that time CIA hired me twice as a temporary contractor, the phrase they use for spy The narrator is Marie Mitchell American Spy is her story, written in 1992 in the first person as a diary for her young twin sons to read when they re older The action spans the thirty preceding years from the Cuban Missile Crisis to the New World Order following the end of the Cold War.Marie is the younger of two sisters Helene, now dead, was five years older and Marie s idol It had been Helene s ambition to join the CIA and later form her own private intelligence agency And that s what has led Marie to the FBI, and ultimately to agree to two assignments from the Company Except, as we ll learn later, they might not have come from the CIA at all.From New York to Martinique to Burkina FasoIn American Spy, the action shifts rapidly and often from New York City to Martinique to Burkina Faso in flashbacks and flashforwards Marie s FBI posting was in the City Her family had come from Martinique, and her mother has returned there to live And Marie s work for the CIA involves getting close to the dictator of Burkina Faso, Thomas Sankara.Cold War rivalry in Africa lies at the heart of this storyAuthor Lauren Wilkinson has built her tale around real world events that transpired in Burkina Faso Her portrait of Sankara and her account of the actions he took as president of his country hew closely to the historical record Sankara, and the country he tried so hard to reform, were victims of the Cold War between the US and the USSR.Suspenseful, psychologically sound, and ultimately believableWilkinson s command of plotting and character development are both skillful Obviously, she understands the discriminatory treatment that hidebound agencies like the FBI so commonly doled out in years past to women and people of color American Spy is suspenseful, psychologically sound, and ultimately believable It s all too typical of the Cold War rivalry that victimized so many small nations caught in the middle between two superpowers.How another reviewer saw the bookIn reviewing American Spy, NPR book critic Maureen Corrigan wrote in the Washington Post Book Review February 15, 2019 , Lauren Wilkinson s new novel, American Spy, is extraordinary in a lot of ways most obviously because it places a female African American intelligence officer, Marie Mitchell, at the center of a Cold War tale of political espionage But also striking is the novel s deeper recognition that, to some extent, rudimentary tradecraft is something all of her African American characters have learned as an everyday survival skill As Marie s father wryly tells her on the day of her graduation from the FBI training academy at Quantico, I ve been a spy in this country for as long as I can remember. American Spy had everything I needed in it to love it A hook that smacks you in the face as soon as you open the book An exotic yet relatable backstory Sister spies A how I met your father romantic mystery And enough plot twists to keep me on my toes Lauren Wilkinson is a gifted writer bringing a diverse cast of characters into the political thriller arena with an explosive plot that gives a refreshing perspective on history that hasn t gotten much exposure in this genre I loved this book and can t wait for the sequel. This book was unlike any I ve ever read A quick and unpredictable storyline, superb writing and characters I actually cared about I truly did not want it to end In fact, I started getting depressed as I approached the end and paused to find other books like it by Black woman authors to no avail I absolutely loved her writing and thinking and loved getting a completely different take on Africa I ll definitely be looking for her next one Bravo Why some author in The Week magazine gave this a good review is beyond me The entire book is a female spy agent cop whatever, writing down her life story so her kids can read it maybe when she dies I don t know, as I can t finish it If you want to go to sleep at night, this ll do you If you are expected cool spy stuff and any action at all, don t bother Maybe it will get better at the end, but I can t make it It is about growing up black in NYC and trying to make it I suppose for that aspect, its a great story Just not what I expected Should have done research first. An Expertly Written Spy Thriller That Tackles Issues Of Politics, Race And Gender Like The Best Of John Le Carr, It S Extremely Tough To Put Down It Marks The Debut Of An Immensely Talented Writer Who S Refreshingly Unafraid To Take Risks, And Has The Skills To Make Those Risks Pay Off NPR For The Novel S Engaging Intelligence And Serious Reckoning With The World S Postwar Order, Wilkinson Deserves The Comparisons To John Le Carr She S Already Receiving But In Bringing A Virtually Unheard From Fictional Viewpoint To Espionage Literature, She Has Reinvigorated The Genre Time Lauren Wilkinson S American Spy, Inspired By True Events, Is A Thrilling, Original Read Real Simple It Might Seem Hyperbolic To Say That This Book Is Riveting And Thrilling From The Very First Page, Except That It Totally Is It S A Refreshing Take On An Espionage Story No Icy Russian Tundra A Black Female Spy That S Sexy And Suspenseful In Equal Measure Samantha Irby, Marie Claire Wilkinson Takes Readers Down A Path Of Danger, Seduction And Patriotism Essence Lauren Wilkinson Reminds Us Of A Less Covered Side Of The Cold War With Her Debut Set In Africa FBI Agent Marie Mitchell Is Stationed In Burkina Faso, And When She S Assigned To Shadow Thomas Sankara, Africa S Che Guevara, The Personal, Political And Professional Collide For Her In Unforgettable Ways The Washington Post A Complex And Powerful Work The Espionage Plot That Eventually Drives The Action Is Only One Component In This Ambitious, Multifaceted Novel Shelf Awareness An Excellent Spy Novel That Is Unlike Every Other Spy Novel I Ve Read This Is A Great Read For Fans Of Literary Mystery, Character Driven Novels, And Historical Fiction Especially Focusing On History That Never Gets Taught Book Riot A Gutsy New Thriller Challenging Boundaries Is What Brave Fiction Does, And Wilkinson Proves Confident Enough To Carry It Off The New York Times American Spy Updates The Espionage Thriller With Blazing Originality Entertainment Weekly In This Genre Defying Novel Marie S Journey Into The Moral And Spiritual Morass Of Espionage Is Inventive Unlike The Heroes Of John Le Carr S Novels, Marie Must Also Grapple With The Cognitive Dissonance Of Serving A Country In Which She Is Regarded As A Second Class Citizen Vulture An Excitingly Sharp Debut Novel By The Talented Newcomer Lauren Wilkinson Rest Assured That American Spy Will Not Only Keep You Turning The Pages, It Will Do Much Than That Wilkinson Steeps Her Thriller In A Complicated Awareness Of Huge, Thorny Themes Race, Cold War Amorality, The Politics Of Our Intelligence Services And The Ease With Which We Can Become Complicit With Deeds We Actually Abhor NPR Fresh AirA BARACK OBAMA SUMMER READING PICKShortlisted For The Centre For Fiction First Novel Prize A Whole Lot Than Just A Spy Thriller, Wrapping Together The Ties Of Family, Of Love And Of Country BARACK OBAMA There Has Never Been Anything Like It MARLON JAMES GQA Compelling Read MAIL ON SUNDAY Pacy And Very Exciting DAILY TELEGRAPHWhat If Your Sense Of Duty Required You To Betray The Man You Love It S , The Heart Of The Cold War Marie Mitchell Is An Intelligence Officer With The FBI She S Brilliant And Talented, But She S Also A Black Woman Working In An All White Boys Club, And Her Career Has Stalled With Routine Paperwork Until She S Recruited To A Shadowy Task Force Aimed At Undermining Thomas Sankara, The Charismatic, Revolutionary President Of Burkina Faso, Whose Communist Ideology Has Made Him A Target For American InterventionIn The Year That Follows, Marie Will Observe Thomas, Seduce Him, And Ultimately, Have A Hand In The Coup That Will Bring Him Down But Doing So Will Change Everything She Believes About What It Means To Be A Spy, A Lover, And A Good American Riveting And Thrilling From The Very First Page MARIE CLAIRE Timely As It Is Timeless PAUL BEATTY A Spy Thriller Like You Ve Never Read Before TIME