Recettes Preferees De LA Nouvelle Orleans eBook –

This is the FRENCH Edition of Favorite New Orleans RecipesNew Orleanians have elevated the pleasures of cooking andconsuming to a highly skilled, sophisticated art form In this edition, theauthors offerrecipes they consider most representative of New Orleans homecuisineThe trio have drawn extensively from the three primarycultures English, French and Spanish that have contributed most to refining thecity s culinary specialties, in many cases unlocking nineteenth century cookingsecrets discovered in old handwritten notesThe carefully compiled recipes include metric measures, and may beprepared perfectly, even by the beginning cook Balanced categories make thevolume simple but complete, so that everyone, from gourmet chef to neophytecook, may enjoy the pleasures a wide range of food many regard the best in theworldSuzanne Ormond, a native Orleanian, and Mary E Irvine, along time resident of New Orleans, are also the authors of Louisiana s ArtNoveau, which documents and illustrates the celebrated crafts of the NewcombStyle Denyse Cantin, a native of Quebec City, Canada, lived in New Orleanswhile her husband served as the Consul General of Canada in the cityAlso available in Englishand Spanish versions