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3 thoughts on “Schweizer Küche / Cuisine Suisse / Swiss Cooking

  1. sylvn sylvn says:

    Très jolies photos et recettes bien expliquées, je le recommande si on a l'amour de découvrir un pays par sa gastronomie. Recettes simples à faire.

  2. M. Kingston M. Kingston says:

    Product description in the listing states language: German. In fact it is trilingual, all the text and recipes are in German, French, and English. I guess the text is translated from German original, some is rather quaint. The Italians are ignored, as usual, though there are some Ticinese recipes.
    Recipes are simply presented, and straightforward. Fine if you know what you are expecting - and just what I wanted.

  3. Kokopelli Kokopelli says:

    Bought this for an upcoming trip to Switzerland to learn more about the cuisine. Lots of interesting information about the food and the country. Very nice photos. I like that everything is in English, French, and German.