{Prime} Bullshit Jobs: The Rise of Pointless Work, and What We Can Do About ItAuthor David Graeber – Carcier.co

Spectacular and terrifyingly true Owen Jones Explosive John McDonnell, New Statesman, Books of the Year Thought provoking and funny The Times FT BUSINESS BOOK OF THE YEAR , THE TIMES BOOK OF THE YEAR , NEW STATESMAN BOOK OF THE YEARand CITY AM BOOK OF THE YEAR Be honest if your job didn t exist, would anybody miss it Have you ever wondered why not Up to % of us secretly believe our jobs probably aren t necessary In other words they are bullshit jobs This book shows why, and what we can do about itIn the early twentieth century, people prophesied that technology would see us all working fifteen hour weeks and driving flying cars Instead, something curious happened Not only have the flying cars not materialised, but average working hours have increased rather than decreased And now, across the developed world, three quarters of all jobs are in services, finance or admin jobs that don t seem to contribute anything to society In Bullshit Jobs, David Graeber explores how this phenomenon oneassociated with the Soviet Union, but which capitalism was supposed to eliminate has happened In doing so, he looks at how, rather than producing anything, work has become an end in itself the way such work maintains the current broken system of finance capital and, finally, how we can get out of it This book is for anyone whose heart has sunk at the sight of a whiteboard, who believes workshops should only be for making things, or who just suspects that there might be a better way to run our world