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great book tu understan economic grwth a bit deeper Good overview of the subject matter. Book was easy to rent and easy to return No me agrad que es la tercera edici n con datos e informaci n estad stica de la segunda edici n Me siento decepcionado. For what it is, this book is well written and very readable It does an excellent job of condensing economic growth theory into an understandable textbook However, it is missing a lot of nuance and no endogenous growth theory For a complete perspective on development and growth economics, I d recommend taking a look at a nuber of outside resources, such as Poor Economics. Always great books Especially for may daughter who enjoys every Economics book Why are some countries rich and others poor David N Weil, one of the top researchers in economic growth, introduces students to the latest theoretical tools, data, and insights underlying this pivotal question By showing how empirical data relate to new and old theoretical ideas, Economic Growth provides students with a complete introduction to the discipline and the latest research With its comprehensive and flexible organization, Economic Growth is ideal for a wide array of courses, including undergraduate and graduate courses in economic growth, economic development, macro theory, applied econometrics, and development studies