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In the spirit of Nickel and Dimed, a necessary and revelatory expose of the invisible human workforce that powers the weband that foreshadows the true future of work Hidden beneath the surface of the web, lost in our wrong headed debates about AI, a new menace is looming Anthropologist Mary L Gray and computer scientist Siddharth Suri team up to unveil how services delivered by companies like , Google, Microsoft, and Uber can only function smoothly thanks to the judgment and experience of a vast, invisible human labor force These people doing ghost work make the internet seem smart They perform high tech piecework flagging X rated content, proofreading, designing engine parts, and much An estimatedpercent of Americans have worked at least once in this ghost economy, and that number is growing They usually earn less than legal minimums for traditional work, they have no health benefits, and they can be fired at any time for any reason, or none There are no labor laws to govern this kind of work, and these latter day assembly lines draw inand all too often overwork and underpaya surprisingly diverse range of workers harried young mothers, professionals forced into early retirement, recent grads who cant get a toehold on the traditional employment ladder, and minorities shut out of the jobs they want Gray and Suri also show how ghost workers, employers, and society at large can ensure that this new kind of work creates opportunityrather than miseryfor those who do it

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  1. danah boyd danah boyd says:

    You re surrounded by algorithms, including on this site It all looks nice and automated, but behind that automation are people who nurture software, translate content, and do all of the small tasks that are needed to make the machines succeed These workers and their work are invisible unless you go looking for them In this deeply researched book, Mary Gray and Sid Suri sat down with the invisible workers behind automation to understand what they do and what their lives work with Through this grounded analysis, they make a compelling argument for how the future of work does not look like the hyped media stories about robots Yet, at the same time, they highlight how this ghost work reveals cracks in the system that need to be repaired in order to preserve human dignity This is a must read for anyone who is trying to understand how the economy is transforming in front of our eyes.

  2. sadovidsporn.co Customer sadovidsporn.co Customer says:

    Lots of great research and a generally great narritive that is overshadowed by page after page of a gender studies thesis on hating America and white males What a shame that this is the state of acedemia.

  3. TLT TLT says:

    This is a fantastic, much needed book that anyone interested in technology and labor should pick up Through rich, insightful fieldwork and analysis it shows the ways workers continue to make up a crucial albeit often invisible and under protected part of the chain that keeps the internet, our technologies, and various systems functioning It s wonderfully written, presenting compelling data, stories, and incisive analysis A must read.

  4. Wonkish Wonkish says:

    The book is well researched, but far too many paragraphs just end in the middle of a sentence, sometimes in the middle of the opening sentence of a paragraph This probably isn t even the authors fault, but this is a product review and so I m reviewing the product.E.g., a paragraph will end like this Due to the legal liabilities associated with curating a workforce, as was discussed in and then that s it On to another paragraph, without finishing the sentence, without completing the thought, without any hint of a transition to the next paragraph.This kind of thing happens several times.

  5. NR NR says:

    Excellent book, very important to chart a better path for the future of work.

  6. Antal Halmos Antal Halmos says:

    It is really frightening, a new force of deep slaves is being created by the big powers of AI The book well describes the ugly process.