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Naked Statistics is an apt title Charles Wheelan strips away the superfluous outer garments and exposes the underlying beauty of the subject in a way that everyone can appreciate Hal Varian, chief economist at Google While a great measure of the book s appeal comes from Mr Wheelan s fluent style a natural comedian, he is truly the Dave Barry of the coin toss set the rest comes from his multiple real world examples illustrating exactly why even the most reluctant mathophobe is well advised to achieve a personal understanding of the statistical underpinnings of life The New York Times Once considered tedious, the field of statistics is rapidly evolving into a discipline Hal Varian, chief economist at Google, has actually called sexy From batting averages and political polls to game shows and medical research, the real world application of statistics continues to grow by leaps and bounds How can we catch schools that cheat on standardized tests How does Netflix know which movies you ll like What is causing the rising incidence of autism As best selling author Charles Wheelan shows us in Naked Statistics, the right data and a few well chosen statistical tools can help us answer these questions andFor those who slept through Stats , this book is a lifesaver Wheelan strips away the arcane and technical details and focuses on the underlying intuition that drives statistical analysis He clarifies key concepts such as inference, correlation, and regression analysis, reveals how biased or careless parties can manipulate or misrepresent data, and shows us how brilliant and creative researchers are exploiting the valuable data from natural experiments to tackle thorny questions And in Wheelan s trademark style, there s not a dull page in sight You ll encounter clever Schlitz Beer marketers leveraging basic probability, an International Sausage Festival illuminating the tenets of the central limit theorem, and a head scratching choice from the famous game show Let s Make a Deal and you ll come away with insights each time With the wit, accessibility, and sheer fun that turned Naked Economics into a bestseller, Wheelan defies the odds yet again by bringing another essential, formerly unglamorous discipline to life