{epub pdf} Introductory Econometrics for FinanceAuthor Chris Brooks – Carcier.co

Very good Llegada correcta Buen estado It s an excellent book for undergraduate students, the content does not focus on deriving proofs and learning formulae, it goes to practice and applying techniques, for reading this book you do not have a prior knowledge of econometrics but It is necessary to know about statistics medium level and calculus If you are looking for mathematical content proofs this book is not for you. Must read I am happy with this book and the way it is written Easier to understand and lots of textbook resources He also has several videos on YouTube. A complete resource for finance students, this textbook presents the most common empirical approaches in finance in a comprehensive and well illustrated manner that shows how econometrics is used in practice, and includes detailed case studies to explain how the techniques are used in relevant financial contexts Maintaining the accessible prose and clear examples of previous editions, the new edition of this best selling textbook provides support for the main industry standard software packages, expands the coverage of introductory mathematical and statistical techniques into two chapters for students without prior econometrics knowledge, and includes a new chapter on advanced methods Learning outcomes, key concepts and end of chapter review questions with full solutions online highlight the main chapter takeaways and allow students to self assess their understanding Online resources include extensive teacher and student support materials, including EViews, Stata, R, and Python software guides