Prime Statistics for Economics, Accounting and Business Studies By Michael Barrow –

Do you need to brush up on your statistical skills to truly excel in your economics or business courseIf you want to increase your confidence in statistics then this is the perfect book for you The th edition ofStatistics for Economics, Accounting and Business Studiescontinues to present a user friendly and concise introduction to a variety of statistical tools and techniques Throughout the text, the author demonstrates how and why these techniques can be used to solve real life problems, highlighting common mistakes and assuming no prior knowledge of the subject

7 thoughts on “Statistics for Economics, Accounting and Business Studies

  1. Connor Dooley Connor Dooley says:

    Since purchasing this book a couple of months ago to accompany my degree I have found this book extremely poor, both in the content provided and in the layout in which the content is presented The content is drawn out and thus contains much fluff , therefore mkaing it harder to identify the key pieces of information quickly and efficiently Further, the layout and colour scheme of the book prove to be a hindrance to readers as the publishers choose a blue colour scheme throughout This leads to several problems including difficulties in referencing information and finding particular chapters easily as well as differentiating between examples, key learning points and rules However, a positive with the product would be the summaries and sample questions at the end of each chapter, these prove to be concise, insightful and thought provoking, in contrast with the rest of the book.

  2. Cheung Yuk Ming Cheung Yuk Ming says:

    The modern busy students are dreaming for a short book on statistics which explains concepts clearly and provide sufficient but not excessive opportunities to practice calculation with immdediate feedback, i.e answers at the end of the book.

  3. Maca Maca says:

    The best cobdition ever for a cheaper price I may say it is new

  4. liz liz says:

    good book and need some basic statistic knowledge

  5. Mr. S. Trinh Mr. S. Trinh says:

    its little hard to read all the text was crammed together but it was ok

  6. Alfredo Alfredo says:


  7. Isobel Elliott Isobel Elliott says:

    I bought this book for a university module and it was great It covered everything that I needed it for.