{Free ePUB} More from Less: The Surprising Story of How We Learned to Prosper Using Fewer Resources--And What Happens NextAuthor Andrew McAfee – Carcier.co

From the coauthor of the New York Times bestseller The Second Machine Age, a compelling argument masterfully researched and brilliantly articulated that we have at last learned how to increase human prosperity while treadinglightly on our planet Throughout history, the only way for humanity to grow was by degrading the Earth chopping down forests, fouling the air and water, and endlessly digging out resources Since the first Earth Day in , the reigning argument has been that taking better care of the planet means radically changing course reducing our consumption, tightening our belts, learning to share and reuse, restraining growth Is that argument correct Absolutely not In More from Less, McAfee argues that to solve our ecological problems we don t need to make radical changes Instead, we need to doof what we re already doing growing technologically sophisticated market based economies around the world How can he possibly make this claim Because of the evidence America a large, high tech country that accounts for about % of the global economy is now generally usingless of most resources year after year, even as its economy and population continue to grow What s , the US is polluting the air and water less, emitting fewer greenhouse gases, and replenishing endangered animal populations And, as McAfee shows, America is not alone Other countries are also transforming themselves in fundamental ways What has made this turnabout possible One thing, primarily the collaboration between technology and capitalism, although good governance and public awareness have also been critical McAfee does warn of issues that haven t been solved, like global warming, overfishing, and communities left behind as capitalism and tech progress race forward But overall, More from Less is a revelatory, paradigm shifting account of how we ve stumbled into an unexpectedly better balance with nature one that holds out the promise ofabundant and greener centuries ahead