{Audiobooks} Food Policy and the Environmental Credit Crunch: From Soup to Nuts (English Edition)Author Julie Hudson – Carcier.co

What makes this book unique and a critical read is not so much what is said but who says it The authors present the need for investors to consider the nexus between food agriculture and the environment from a hard nosed financial perspective In doing so they continue their work aimed at highlighting the value of a long term multisectoral perspective to investment decisions that have variously been termed creating shared vale, performance with purpose or the triple bottom line An insightful and valuable book. The changing economic environment for the consumer that is emerging from the wreckage of the financial credit crunch plays directly into the importance of food spending This is certainly true from the perspective of food prices in the short run, but also from the perspective of sustainability and reducing the impact of the environmental credit crunch The economic changes we experience now have a bearing on our ability to manage the environmental credit crunch that loomsFood Policy and the Environmental Credit Crunch From Soup to Nuts elaborates on the issues addressed in the authors first book, From Red to Green ,and asks whether the financial credit crunch could ameliorate or exacerbate the emergent environmental credit crunch The conclusion drawn here is that a significant and positive difference could be made by changing some of the ways in which we procure, prepare, and consume our food Written by an economist and an investment professional, this book addresses the economic and environmental implications of how we treat food The book examines each aspect of the food chain, from agriculture, to production and processing, retail, preparation, consumption and waste