epub pdf How to Give Up Plastic: A Conscious Guide to Changing the World, One Plastic Bottle at a Time (English Edition) – Carcier.co

We have a responsibility, every one of us David AttenboroughAroundmillion tonnes of plastic are entering the ocean every year, killing overmillion seabirds and , marine mammals Bythere could be plastic in the ocean than fish by weightBut how can YOU make a difference This accessible guide will help you make the small changes that make a big difference, including Using a wash bag to catch plastic microfibers Replacing your regular shampoo with bar shampoo How to throw a plastic free birthday partyPlastic is not going away without a fight This is a call to arms to join forces across the world and end our dependence on plastic BreakFreeFromPlastic Reading this inspired me to try plastic free July 2 weeks in and we are doing ok Great book, accessible and informative Slightly horrified by the impact I have had on the environment, but determined to do better. Un libro che ritengo che TUTTI dovrebbero leggere per rendersi conto di come stiamo DISTRUGGENDO il nostro UNICO pianeta dove vivere I have only recently begun to take notice of the media stories concerning plastic and bought the book to understand the extent of the problem I m shocked at what I have learned from reading this book I had no idea that the problem was so bad and I am now actively looking at alternative options for products I regularly buy which contain or are packaged in plastic I am totally committed to reducing my use of plastic. Good book for those who want to get a general idea about the issue and get some advise However, it doesn t provide with anything new for those who already have some knowledge of the problem and have already started the plastic free journey.