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Perfect This book was written by Joel Goldsmith, a new thought teacher who was active from the forties to the sixties It is very inspiring and very much Bible oriented Suggested mainly to all Unity people. Joel S Goldsmith s writing resonate with me I encourage you to read his many writings if you find your way to them. This book teaches that you are responsible for living in conscious union with God, staying in the Spirit, and then sharing it to the greatest extent you can with those who come to you Those who can benefit, and those who can leave the world will go to the top Others will benefit in proportion to their ability to accept it Others will derive no benefit at all But that will not be your fault You learn to share your understanding about God s grace with other s, however you also know that they have to be will to make their own choice to receive it or not to. Have been reading Joel Goldsmith s books for many years but this one included concepts that I understood on a deeper level In particular when a person clings to their physical state of existence, healing cannot take place.If you are also a student of this work, and understand we are than a physical state of being, and even are developing the perception that this physical state doesn t really exist in God s presence, then we don t try so hard to defend it or maintain it separately from God.Secondly, when we are not trying to maintain ourselves separate to the vine of the Christ within, we are leaving our nets , our insecurities or attachments that tell us we have to figure things out by ourselves and need things from other people.Finally because God is , when we remove our personal investment in our separation, only then can God be on the scene and bring harmony to all areas of our lives.If you understand these concepts you will no longer be surprised why praying to God for anything except seeking knowledge about God and Truth is unlikely to get results However bringing God s presence into your life enables Him to do the work of restoring your health, abundance and relationships.Great book, with a lot of material to reflect on Includes Joel Goldsmith s desire for students to include the world in their daily meditations with the presence of God as the best way to heal it. If you are looking for a book of divine truth, this is the real deal I highly recommend this book for serious students of true metaphysics It will change your life. I love every Joel Goldsmith book They are written from truth and honesty about life The information brings an improved life style which I enjoy and am still striving to improve I have found grace. It carries you along, as I read I was in a contemplative state A lot of truths in the book for the matured non religious Christian It s pure Christianity which is really divinity at work in humanity The life of Christ expressed through a human person Serving the God within not reaching out to an external God I will read it again and again. Joel Goldsmith taught that the purpose of leading a spiritual life is to prepare us to heal the world from such ills as corruption, poverty, exploitation of natural resources, pollution, crime, and war This is a path we are guided along only by personal revelation what Goldsmith calls Way Living by Grace, a masterful collection of Goldsmith s most advanced teachings on how to live The Infinite Way, includes an overview of the path of spiritual healing from its first to final stages These essays consistently reveal the wisdom within us, and show how this wisdom will guide us to inner peace and spiritual consciousness