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5 thoughts on “Schaum's Outline of Beginning Physics I: Mechanics and Heat: v. 1 (Schaum's Outline Series)

  1. Quinn Quinn says:

    I recently bought Schaum s Beginning Physics I and Beginning Physics II to refresh my basic classical physics These volumes are almost perfect in the sequence in which the material is presented And the depth is adequate for a solid foundation in classical physics if one is intending to move to a in depth study of a particular area of classical physics, such as mechanics, electromagnetism, optics or thermodynamics.The only short comings are in that the material is mostly presented with a bare bones explanation If you are reviewing or using this along with a regular physics text, it should not be a problem I don t think the author intended it to be a complete stand alone course This being the case, I still rate it as a Five Stars But some of the passages and material will require that you read and re read certain parts,,, AND think over what you ve read But physics is a difficult subject and if you really want to learn it, it will require work regardless of what ever resources you use.The diagrams are complete and numerous to convey the material, but again, they quite often require several viewings and some careful thought They are accurate, and that is what counts.The aspect of these books that I found most admirable are the many sample problems and the presentation of the solutions,,, This is why I give the books an unqualified Five Stars They are thorough, complete and cover every part of a general classical physics education This is a non calculus oriented presentation and to REALLY learn physics, you will at sometime need to learn the calculus These books will prepare you to do so If used with or just after a high school level algebra text you will be ready to take on teaching yourself calculus, the step should be easy.The only thing that annoyed me with these books is they are very flimsy Some of the pages come out when just using it in a normal way But for the price that is not really an issue So it s not carry about friendly But the coverage and accuracy makes up for that several times over Complete coverage, and accuracy best describe these two volumes.

  2. Victor L. Nazaire Victor L. Nazaire says:

    Schaum s Outlines Beginning Physics I, by Alvin Halpern,1995 edition, is a refreshing text for all interested in acquiring a solid training in solving Physics problems, namely i students taking or preparing to take a first year College Physics courseii students with relatively WEAK training in Mathematics and science problem solvingiii engineering studentsA particularly attractive feature of this text comes from the MATHEMATICAL review , right in the first chapter, for students notcomfortable with their command of the needed mathematics 31 pages of maths grounding.I would recommend the text for senior High School students needing Physics training preparation for college.Go for it.

  3. adaptations.se Customer adaptations.se Customer says:

    Not exactly what I was looking for but it is a good resource for students.

  4. HombreViejo HombreViejo says:

    This is than an outline, it is a well written college physics text I am on the lookout for any books written by this author.

  5. Coffeemonster Coffeemonster says:

    I gave up and sold it back through