[ Read Audible ] Beginning Physics Ii: Waves, Electromagnetism, Optics And Modern Physics: v. 2 (Schaum's Outline Series)Author Alvin Halpern – Carcier.co

Tough Test Questions Missed Lectures Not Enough Time Fortunately For You, There S Schaum S Outlines More Than Million Students Have Trusted Schaum S To Help Them Succeed In The Classroom And On Exams Schaum S Is The Key To Faster Learning And Higher Grades In Every Subject Each Outline Presents All The Essential Course Information In An Easy To Follow, Topic By Topic Format You Also Get Hundreds Of Examples, Solved Problems, And Practice Exercises To Test Your Skills This Schaum S Outline Gives YouPractice Problems With Full Explanations That Reinforce KnowledgeCoverage Of The Most Up To Date Developments In Your Course FieldIn Depth Review Of Practices And ApplicationsFully Compatible With Your Classroom Text, Schaum S Highlights All The Important Facts You Need To Know Use Schaum S To Shorten Your Study Time And Get Your Best Test Scores Schaum S Outlines Problem Solved This book is pretty much the best textbook purchase I have ever made It does exactly what it says it helps you understand basic concepts and helps you study efficiently I used this book to brush up on the introductory physics sequence and am planning to use it in my optics class.There are only two concerns that I have for this book One of these concerns is that I have found quite a few small errors in the book s answers These errors include minor things like the decimal place is one spot over where it should be or the exponent is one than it should be, but other than that the answers are very easy to understand and are written systematically My second concern is that there aren t enough math proofs in this book for my liking, but this isn t really a math book so, in all fairness, it s not like I could have expected it.Other than that, buy this book, it is so great in conjunction with a physics class or if you re just trying to brush up on some physics. It is a great book and easy to follow I use it as a quick reference and it is great to refresh my memory on simple concepts that I forgot after school The only downside is that it has many errors Double check your answers when working out the problems because some of the ones given are wrong Also, some problems have the units missing. This writer knows than just physics, he can write and takes patient time in explaining the details you need to understand physics I am still working on his Beginning Physics I version of the text, he does not use calculus expressions but sets up the explanation of line integrals so that the central concept is included in the student s mind The student of calculus can connect the dots, making a summation expression into an integral expression. Was difficult for me to understand, but might not be for someone else I ended up not using it as I dropped physics The book is great It s just not the one I ordered I ordered the beginning 1 not 11 Too much haste causes mistakes, loses money for sellers, and loses jobs for others, not to mention buyers When you need something important like this, you can t be worried if their going to send the right one Maybe they ll make good and send me 1, considering I ve waited all this time and had to borrow from my instructor.