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For The Calculus Based General Physics Course Primarily Taken By Engineers And Science Majors Including Physics MajorsThis Long Awaited And Extensive Revision Maintains Giancoli S Reputation For Creating Carefully Crafted, Highly Accurate And Precise Physics Texts Physics For Scientists And Engineers Combines Outstanding Pedagogy With A Clear And Direct Narrative And Applications That Draw The Student Into The Physics The New Edition Also Features An Unrivaled Suite Of Media And On Line Resources That Enhance The Understanding Of PhysicsThis Book Is Written For Students It Aims To Explain Physics In A Readable And Interesting Manner That Is Accessible And Clear, And To Teach Students By Anticipating Their Needs And Difficulties Without Oversimplifying Physics Is A Description Of Reality, And Thus Each Topic Begins With Concrete Observations And Experiences That Students Can Directly Relate To We Then Move On To The Generalizations And Formal Treatment Of The Topic Not Only Does This Make The Material Interesting And Easier To Understand, But It Is Closer To The Way Physics Is Actually Practiced

7 thoughts on “Physics for Scientists & Engineers with Modern Physics: International Edition

  1. Omer Peretz Omer Peretz says:

    A straightforward, extremely well written exposition of physics at a calculus based university level.The book is organized in a classical order of topics, very well illustrated, superbly written, contains many excellent exercises, the writing is clear and concise Probably the best among its peers.

  2. Mb Awan Mb Awan says:

    having enrolled in a college that had recently moved from the ubiqutous University Physics textbook i was initally dissapointed When the head of year explained that it was because this textbook was calculus based and I actually bothered to read the textbook it all became clear This book is compact than the majority of undergrad texts and crucially you will see a calculus based explanation of many laws, etc Overall it is easy to use My copy was bought bundled with mastering physics, which made an excellent teaching aid to the book as well as offering an electronic copy of the book which was very useful as a reference during study.

  3. savesu.co.uk Customer savesu.co.uk Customer says:

    Watch out This is presented as Modern Physics for Scientists but it is not It is only Volume Two Look ultra carefully of you ll be fooled Shame on you.

  4. Jesse Jordan Jesse Jordan says:

    This is an older text, but the contents are as useful today as it was when first published decades ago Doc

  5. MAT8686 MAT8686 says:

    This book covers many of physics fundamentals It is very helpful in learning with examples and the diagrams used so you can visually see what is going on in a system.

  6. Robert R. Openshaw Robert R. Openshaw says:

    vey good book

  7. COmountainguy COmountainguy says:

    good book