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The classic DJ Griffiths book Everything was as expected and as I needed I highly recommend this version over the international edition which is missing the index and some parts I had a much easier time following the contents compared with my peers We were recommended the international 4th ed. The Griffiths s book is very well known an used at universities all around the world It is a very clear and modern text book on Electromagnetism I am very happy with my second hand copy it is new, with only a few little dots in the cover. This book was invaluable to my studies, David Griffiths explains things in such an easy to understand way Would definitely recommend any of his books, especially over the Jackson books which are really hard to read One of the best books out there for undergraduate level in electromagnetism It s a must in your personal library The reader may easily follow the author s rhetoric There s a new edition, which I haven t revised yet but this one is a gem. Possibly one of the best intro books to EM Griffiths style is refreshing, readable and avoids becoming dense or dry like some other books on EM Book covers most topics in EM from the very basics right up to the difficult topics Overall, I m very happy with the book, it s easily worth the price, since I think I will come back to it for reference for many years. Whether you wanna be a theoretician or an experimental this is the book for learning classical electrodynamics, the text also features an introduction to relativistic electrodynamics which is astonishing in clarity of exposition.My only negative remark I wish I had found something on group algebra in the maths chapters.The problems are rather challenging but highly pedagocical Excellent textbook for accompanying electromagnetic theory in second or third year undergraduate Physics. For Junior Senior Level Electricity And Magnetism Courses This Book Is Known For Its Clear, Concise And Accessible Coverage Of Standard Topics In A Logical And Pedagogically Sound Order The Third Edition Features A Clear, Accessible Treatment Of The Fundamentals Of Electromagnetic Theory, Providing A Sound Platform For The Exploration Of Related Applications Ac Circuits, Antennas, Transmission Lines, Plasmas, Optics, Etc Its Lean And Focused Approach Employs Numerous Examples And Problems