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Kirkpatrick brings anuanced sense of the Italian and amediated appreciation of the poem s construction than nearly all of his competitors There is much to recommend here certainly the intelligence, the energy, the linguistic range His introduction and canto by canto notes are remarkably level and lucid, as attentive to structure as to syntax, language and motif, and deftly cross reference the whole poem On their own, they would justify the price The Times LondonHaving plunged to the uttermost depths of Hell and climbed the Mount of Purgatory in parts one and two of the Divine Comedy, Dante ascends to Heaven in this third and final part, continuing his soul s search for God, guided by his beloved Beatrice As he progresses through the spheres of Paradise he grows in understanding, until he finally experiences divine love in the radiant presence of the deity Examining eternal questions of faith, desire and enlightenment, Dante exercised all his learning and wit, wrath and tenderness in his creation of one of the greatest of all Christian allegories