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The first section of the book contains the readings for the Principal Feasts and Holy Days, set out for Years A, B, and C Within each year, the Readings, Collects, and Post Communion Prayers are set out in full, even when they are common to all three years there is no need for constant page turning to find the necessary material As a further aid to easy use, the Collects and Post Communions appear alongside the Readings for the day, and not in a separate section For most Sundays and all Festivals, this means that all the material for the day flows as a single section, again avoiding the distraction of constant page turning In Ordinary Time, where the Collects and Post Communions relate to the day, and the Readings to the date, a table precedes the period, followed by the prayers, and finally the Readings The tables and on page cross references make the task of linking the appropriate material together as straightforward as possible During Ordinary Time after Trinity Sunday, two strands of Readings are available, clearly identified on each day as Continuous and Related

5 thoughts on “The Common Worship Lectionary: New Revised Standard Version Anglicized Edition

  1. C. P. LUNT C. P. LUNT says:

    It is very clear and legible the print is bigger than in the RCL lectionary It also uses the Common Worship psalter.

  2. S.D. Northumberland S.D. Northumberland says:

    I ordered this book to help with my work at the Church It is also in very good condition which is why I have given it 5 stars..

  3. C. P. LUNT C. P. LUNT says:

    This is a robust, well designed and well made volume, the most legible version of the Common Worship lectionary It includes the CW Psalter, but sadly no psalm responses or gospel acclamations.

  4. circuitwiringdiagram.co Customer circuitwiringdiagram.co Customer says:

    Exactly as described.

  5. farm boy farm boy says:

    Common Worship uses the New Revised Standard Version Anglicized bible for all its references and so it makes very good sense to own a lectionary in the same edition This volume usefully contains all of the bible readings for every Sunday of the year and for all the other high days and holidays as well The book includes all the readings for three years of the cycle and so the volume may seem large at first handling What won me over was the the high standard of publication the book is well made and easy to read Also, I have to confess, a pleasure to own.