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Christina Rossetti is regarded as one of the greatest Christian poets to write in English While Rossetti has firmly secured her place in the canon, her religious poetry was for a long time either overlooked or considered evidence of a melancholic disposition burdened by faith Recent scholarship has redressed reductive readings of Christian theology as repressive by rethinking it as a form of compassionate politics This shift has enabled new readings of Rossetti s work, not simply as a body of significant nineteenth century devotional literature, but also as a marker of religion s relevance to modern concerns through its reflections on science and materialism, as well as spirituality and mysticism Emma Mason offers a compelling study of Christina Rossetti, arguing that her poetry, diaries, letters, and devotional commentaries are engaged with both contemporary theological debate and an emergent ecological agenda In chapters on the Catholic Revival, Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood, contemporary debates on plant and animal being, and the relationship between grace and apocalypse, Mason reads Rossetti s theology as an argument for spiritual materialism and ecological transformation She ultimately suggests that Rossetti s life and work captures the experience of faith as one of loving intimacy with the minutiae of creation, a divine body in which all things, material and immaterial, human and nonhuman, divine and embodied, are interconnected

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    As a researcher of Christina Rossetti, it s a great pleasure to read and add this book in the reference of a paper of mine The analysis of relations between ecology and Christianity was thrilling More analysis should be done on each poem.