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The Bible took shape over the course of centuries, and today Christian groups continue to disagree over details of its contents The differences among these groups typically involve the Old Testament, as they mostly accept the samebook New Testament An essential avenue for understanding the development of the Bible are the many early lists of canonical books drawn up by Christians and, occasionally, Jews Despite the importance of these early lists of books, they have remained relatively inaccessible This comprehensive volume redresses this unfortunate situation by presenting the early Christian canon lists all together in a single volume The canon lists, in most cases, unambiguously report what the compilers of the lists considered to belong to the biblical canon For this reason they bear an undeniable importance in the history of the Bible The Biblical Canon Lists from Early Christianity provides an accessible presentation of these early canon lists With a focus on the first four centuries, the volume supplies the full text of the canon lists in English translation alongside the original text, usually Greek or Latin, occasionally Hebrew or Syriac Edmon L Gallagher and John D Meade orient readers to each list with brief introductions and helpful notes, and they point readers to the most significant scholarly discussions The book begins with a substantial overview of the history of the biblical canon, and an entire chapter is devoted to the evidence of biblical manuscripts from the first millennium This authoritative work is an indispensable guide for students and scholars of biblical studies and church history

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  1. Douglas W. Hallock Douglas W. Hallock says:

    Canon Lists is extremely well designed and well written It gathers into a clearly laid out resource vast amounts of textual information, history, footnotes, and interpretive discussion The authors do not assume too much in some places, and rightly so They also give clear evidence when they make solid assertions They have gathered a great many references and a large bibliography, a great benefit to anyone who wants to investigate further these lists and the scholarly work being done with them I appreciate the honest assessments that both the Old Testament and the New Testament clearly took several centuries to become clearly locked into a solid canon.I also appreciated the authors focus on the various lists from diverse locales and authors This was a great addition to the current scholarship that is questioning the formation and dating of the canon and of the individual books and letters In Canon Lists, we possess a truly useful resource and a great addition to all the work being done regarding quotes, allusions, and references from the Fathers.Finally, Canon Lists was written in a mostly readable style, yet with coverage and tools useful to any scholar It is a complete and thorough work, and should be a long lasting resource for many years to come.

  2. Travis Bookout Travis Bookout says:

    An in depth, well organized, and engaging discussion of early canon lists for both Old and New Testaments In my study this has proven to be a helpful reference work and an enjoyable read, containing a wealth of information easily accessible in one volume Especially helpful is the discussion of author and historical context for each of the ancient canon lists, followed by a translation of the primary sources, and then a quick and easy to reference list of books I m glad to have added this work to my library.

  3. Harold King Harold King says:

    This was for my paper on Scriptural Unity This is a good place to start when studying the Canon and how it came to be.

  4. ron ron says:

    Very educational about early Biblical Canons a worth while book to read and study

  5. William Varner William Varner says:

    Superb in every way Not only does it include lists of the NT books It also includes substantive discussions of each of the lists The authors are also quite familiar with the extensive literature on the NT canon.

  6. George George says:

    Great resource to have access to the Canon lists of early Christianity and Judaism in their original languages with a fresh English translation Though the font of the Texts of the Canon lists is small, but clear.