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Explaining Physics Emphasizes The Applications And Social Effects Of Physics, And Extends Its Treatment Of Energy And Electronics Introductory Page To Each Unit To Bring Out The Relevance Of The Material To Everyday Life Simple Questions At The End Of Each Unit To Consolidate Learning Helpful Revision Summary

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  1. DangerNoodle DangerNoodle says:

    I won t go into vast details, as physics cover all areas of science in the universe practically This boom delivers a good cross section of GCSE level physics It is explained in a way that is easy to understand but maintaining the detailed information you hope to learn Many book can sacrifice detail for ease of understanding, this does not do this.It s quite a solid book too, reading 373 pages of content After each section a small test is presented so you can test your knowledge, and go I ve the section again if you missed bits It s great if like me you are a layman in physics and are looking to perhaps study physics at a higher level and want somewhere to start at home It doesn t assume any real physics knowledge and only basic mathematics.The main failing of the book I have found is it omits showing the workings of equations, in the small tests at the end of the sections in the back you are presented with the correct answer but not how to get there In some sections I also noticed that it would say simplified and rearranged when regarding an equation or term would give us the correct answer What it doesn t do is actually show how the equation was simplified and rearranged to get to the answer given This can be frustrating particularly for home learners and can often lead to some time scouring Google for the solution.Other than this the book is well worth the money, it s very 1980s and the pictures show their age blokes with big mop haircuts and handle bar moustaches but the content is sound and well presented.If you are considering learning physics for any reason from the ground up, you could do much worse than buying this book.

  2. AJ AJ says:

    Arrived early Brand new excellent condition Very pleased.

  3. AO AO says:

    As described

  4. - - says:

    Very interesting and easy to understand

  5. Asim Bijarani Asim Bijarani says:

    This is the most useful, knowledgeable, easy to understand and interesting book I ve ever read in my whole life I don t know why no one else hasn t written any review about it but I m totally in love with this book, it s very well organized and it covers almost all essential topics I m a physics lover, I usually read this book as a reference and every time I open it, I always get what I want although this is very old book but topics are so well explained that I think no any other latest book can be better than this, it s best for those who don t like pure mathematical formulas, compared to University Physics by Young Freedman this is extremely digestible If you are confused about any topic which you couldn t understand from official textbook, this book will give u the basic idea of any physics topic and from there you can improve your further understanding.

  6. Mr. T. A. Hardy Mr. T. A. Hardy says:

    Quite simply the most outstanding clear and straightforward explanation of all the main principles of GCSE physics written with suitable contempt for the dumbing down disaster of most recent textbooks A true gem for anyone willing to follow Poples simple prose and clear b w diagrams I would recomend this book to anyone finding the subject confusing and in need of some plain talking.

  7. says:

    I found this book very useful in getting through my GCSE in physics some years ago This book is written in an easy to understand format with many helpful illustrations and drawings, highly recommended.