Free kindle Further MechanicsAuthor Brian Jefferson –

Clear presentation, sufficient elaboration adequate exercises There are also some topics and explanations that are not in the syllabus, like the parallel and perpendicular theorem proving This is an original copy and not a photocopied one with a coloured cardboard cover Most students taking up CIE A Levels Further Maths use this book It s really good and its complete so far. Excellent book and great service Really really good for M5 Good overall but some very slight maufacturing faults some page creases , but not enough to discourage future purchases.Delivery was prompt and fine. An A Level Text Following On From Introducing Mechanics By The Same Authors The Two Books Cover All The Requirements For Mechanics As Part Of A Double Certificate Mathematics For Any Examination Board A Clear Text Is Supported By Worked Examples, Exercises, And Examination Questions This is an excellent A Level text book on mechanics It s certainly has advanced topics than you will find in your A Level mechanics modules If you study A Level further mathematics you will find topics such as rotational energy and moments of interia useful in this text.The text has lots of interesting and somewhat unique problems for you to try with answers given in the back.A negative against this text is that it is hard to fit this text against any particular A Level really is a collection of advanced topics in mechanics making this book a very good read to anyone who wants to casually study the topic in detail It could be useful to first year under graduate students.Strictly for A level students I would recommend Quadlings Mechanics 1, 2 and 3 4 over this one. I dislike that there is no preview, there shall be a preview having the table of contents of the book as an absolut minimum An verified non purchase. If you are doing Edexcel mechanics 5 then this book would be helpful, although not all the topics are relevant to the edexcel syllabus.But It also includes the vector bit taught in FP3 especially good for variable mass by differentiation in M5,it s got a lot of examples on different kind of variable masses,and how to solve in each case,etc very well explained and made everything a lot easier to understand, compared to the heinmann book,the variable mass topic is made less confusing and is done in a different approach.The price it charges is a bit high, but if you want to improve your mechanics than it is well worth it