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Year After Year, Edition After Edition, This Has Been The Introductory Textbook Of Choice For Hundreds Of Institutions Nationwide Throughout The Text, Sequential Figures Of Complicated Derivations Help Students Visualize The Abstract Providing Them With The Kind Of Logical Continuity Too Often Lacking In Other Introductory Texts Over 2600 End Of Chapter Problems Are Included, Arranged In Groups And Labeled By Chapter And Section For Easy Reference Beiser Is Sensitive To The Realities Of Student Mathematical Preparation And Includes An Appendix On Useful Mathematics This Text Speaks Directly And Clearly To The Students, Giving Them All The Information They Need In A Way They Can Follow This Combination Provides A Text That Is Complete, Clear, Conversational, And Logical.

2 thoughts on “Physics

  1. Ben Ben says:

    This book is amazing Everything is short, sweet, and to the point No flashy pictures, long mathematical proofs, or convoluted examples that current physics textbooks have The author writes in short paragraphs with a few diagrams here and there too help This book got me through 3 years of college as a physics major.

  2. a picker from the left coast a picker from the left coast says:

    Beiser s textbook is simply glorious I ve used it for years, and students really appreciate his explication and approach to problems It s pricey, yes, but definitely stands out in a crowded field THIS IS THE ONE TO GET ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES.