Brief and to the Point: Suggestions for Preachers epub –

This book although based on the KJV will help the preacher who has two to three sermons to prepare each week The teacher who needs help with a structure Each Chapter of the Bible is broken down in Sermon headings allowing the Preacher to build up his own sermon yet without the pressure of seeking those vital pegs that help the listener hear It is also useful to the teacher as it will help to concentrate the mind as to which course to take This book will help in both preparation and in Bible Study Well worth buying. This is a great book to have as a tool in the preacher s library The caution is it must be used as a tool, DO NOT ALLOW this to replace your own personal study and preparation That would be a great travesty to your personal growth. This is an excellent book for both helping with outlining chapters as well as message starters. As soon as I saw Mr Dalton s book I knew that it would be of the very greatest use in far than one field, says the Rev William Barclay in his introduction The result of over twenty years of experience as a preacher, this is an invaluable companion to the Bible for preachers, teachers and students of scripture For each series of verses, the author provides a simple list of themes and insights into the meaning of the text, to provide seeds from which preachers can develop their ideas for sermons, around which teachers can construct their lesson plans, and which will crystallise for the student the essential significance of the passage I could wish that this book could get into the hands of every preacher, every teacher and every student of the Bible, concludes the Rev Barclay, It will do very great work in elucidating the meaning of Scripture and in making study easier and profitable