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We are all mystics, if we take the word mysticism to mean union or communion with ultimate reality So writes John S Dunne in this in depth examination of mysticism.

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  1. G. Burks G. Burks says:

    John S Dunne tells you where love is and came from.

  2. ebats.us Customer: John Darrouzet ebats.us Customer: John Darrouzet says:

    In this book, Dunne takes on the loneliness of The Mystic Road of Love.Through the process of his journey, Dunne exposes why loneliness is so difficult to deal with and yet so rewarding.Loneliness he discovers is based on the heart s desire for the most complete of unions In that complete union we want to love and be loved at the deepest and highlest levels.To encounter this ultimate kind of love, we experience the way down and the way up are the same ways, like walking the path of the labyrinth where the way to the center is the way out to the periphery.This book is meant for the loneliest of lovers who are ready to experience the most intimate kind of love life.Highest recommendation.