Knowing Me, Knowing You: Exploring personality type and temperament –

I have just received this book as a present and was looking forward to reading it, having seen the reviews on here I was surprised to find that most of it seems to have been lifted from other books at times, almost word for word If you have already got Myers Gifts Differing and Kroeger s Type Talk , much of this book will be very familiar to you If you haven t read them, this could be a useful summary of MBTI and its applications. Brilliant book This is a really good and very helpful book I liked it very much and I will keep it along with Please Understand Me 2, Prayer and Temperament and Gifts Differing. This new edition of this fascinating and revealing book offers a beginner s guide to the Myers Briggs Type Indicator , showing how your personality type and temperament affects all aspects of your life and relationships with others The MBTI can help you discover why you think and behave in certain ways, and why other people respond to you as they do It can help you identify your major strengths what makes you do some things better than others and it can help you make of those aspects of your personality that may be lying dormant and under developed The MBTI can be helpful in improving all kinds of relationships whether you re at home with your family, at work with your colleagues, or perhaps on a course studying for an exam It can also be helpful in understanding the life of the Church why people have different ways of responding to God, both emotionally and intellectually why some are attracted to a particular kind of church and why some prefer to pray in one way and not in others In all these areas of life, the MBTI has proved itself an invaluable means of achieving a deeper self understanding It can also lead to a greater sense of self worth and a richer and realistic appreciation of other people A delightful introduction to my mother s work Peter Briggs Myers