Prime How to Make Great Appointments in the Church: Calling, competence and chemistry –

This book is designed to provide practical help to those involved in filling a vacancy, showing how to make it a good process and end with a good appointment At the same time, it is useful to clergy seeking appointments, and senior clergy actually making the appointments

6 thoughts on “How to Make Great Appointments in the Church: Calling, competence and chemistry

  1. Margaret Mcphee Margaret Mcphee says:

    Looking for a new vicar This is a book to get you thinking about the wider aspects of recruitment as well as the church approach Being someone about to look for my first post, it is also invaluable in getting me to think about what the Parish may be thinking about

  2. MRB MRB says:

    very useful

  3. J. Murray J. Murray says:

    Really helpful insights for church communities and for interviewees Creates a helpful framework for the process in all its current diversity.

  4. Mrs. E. Ford Mrs. E. Ford says:

    I found this book to be a great mix of practical HR process advice and a reminder of the importance of prayerful discernment for all parties involved So often one side of the equation is missing and so inappropriate appointments are made.I found the book logical and easy to read and particularly liked the useful, practical exercises for churches to follow in their journey to appoint a new leader.If you are looking for a post in a church or are involved in making church appointments this is a must read.

  5. Customer Customer says:

    I enjoyed reading How To Make Great Appointments in the Church It s a very practical and focused book I found the overview of the appointment process used in different streams of the church very interesting Calling, competence and chemistry which I later realised was the subtitle of the whole book struck me as a very helpful summary of what matters in such an appointment One of the most useful parts for me was the section with practical ideas for dealing positively with enquiries and lobbying The chapter on prayer was both unexpected and excellent Quite a bit of the content as the book progressed seemed especially relevant in an Anglican context, but I got plenty of good insights from it for our Baptist situation This is a really useful book in the how to genre.