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Full of stories and helpful illustrations, the Christian Belief for Everyone series has been written primarily for ordinary churchgoers, though the guides will no doubt also appeal to interested readers outside the church In Lord and Saviour, we have the joy of encountering the enigmatic but highly attractive figure of Jesus of Nazareth Here is someone who entirely understands what it s like to live in our glorious, chaotic, suffering world But how may we grow in relationship with a person who is both fully human and fully divine And how does the story of Jesus of Nazareth link up to other important stories, like God s creation of the world, the calling of the people of Israel, and humankind s age old quest for meaning and significance I have only read the first chapters as yet, but I am finding it an excellent, and very readable description of what Christians believe about Jesus.The author uses passages from St Mark s Gospel to show people s reactions to Jesus at the time, to question, and to demonstrate what is learnt from them.A good book for enquirers, and believers alike.It is part of a series about Christian belief, and I shall go on to read the others. Clear, easy to read and understand, yet written by one of the most brilliant scholars of the 21st century, that rare breed of scientist and theologian Suitable for anyone interested in understanding the basics of Christianity, yet refreshing for those who may have long understood the fundamentals of the faith. For the mind and for the heart