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What do we do with the BibleDoes this ancient, sometimes violent and contradictory text have anything to teach us today Selective use of Scripture by preachers and politicians alike has been employed to justify violence, racism, misogyny, homophobia the list goes on Still, we believe the Bible has something important to say How can we read it in a contemplative and intelligent way In What do we do with the Bible , Richard Rohr answers just this question He offers a methodology of hermeneutics interpretation that creates a foundation for a hopeful and cosmic vision incarnation from beginning to end of time He explores this vision further in The Universal Christ In particular, Father Richard focuses on Jesus own method of using his Hebrew Scriptures Jesus read between the lines to find and follow God s mercy, inclusion, and compassionate justice For him, everything came down to relationship and transformation This book is simply brilliant if you re ready for it That is, if you re ready to explore a whole new way of handling the bible a non fundamentalist way, or better a spiritual way There s wisdom here for those who will hear it. I did not like anything about book I thought Richard Rohr was simply out to make money off his name Would not recommend anyone wasting their money Not even interesting. This slim tome is an effective accompaniment to Rohr s The Universal Christ, which eloquently outlines his call for an expanded view of Jesus Christ as Christianity moves away from a transactional, exclusionary view of the Christ I recommend that you buy this book for yourself first to prepare for the messages of The Universal Christ or buy it for a reluctant fellow Christian who has expressed interest in exploring their cultural biases that may be preventing them from embracing the Gospel in full.