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Based On Course Material Used By The Author At Yale University, This Practical Text Addresses The Widening Gap Found Between The Mathematics Required For Upper Level Courses In The Physical Sciences And The Knowledge Of Incoming Students This Superb Book Offers Students An Excellent Opportunity To Strengthen Their Mathematical Skills By Solving Various Problems In Differential Calculus By Covering Material In Its Simplest Form, Students Can Look Forward To A Smooth Entry Into Any Course In The Physical Sciences

5 thoughts on “Basic Training in Mathematics: A Fitness Program for Science Students

  1. D. Bishop D. Bishop says:

    Excellent read on the tools of mathematics as applied to physics This is a thorough coverage of a wide range of mathematics one will encounter in physics.This book illustrates the tools of the physicist and is not an introduction to the mathematics of calculus, differential equations, etc This book shows you the use of those tools and applies those tools to problems to be solved as the text unfolds.I would consider this book as a great reference book to keep for a reminder of the tools one uses The details of those tools will be learned in classes on calculus, linear algebra, complex variables and differential equations This book adds to that wider study but would not be the sole source to learn those other subjects.

  2. MetricMom MetricMom says:

    It seems that most negative reviews argue that it has a huge amount of mathematics in a short book, but that is exactly was it was designed to be As physics students know too well, professors often expect you to know or at least be able to learn on your own a certain subset of fairly complicated mathematics that physicists call upon most frequently This book is WAY shorter than the traditional textbook that we used in my mathematics for physicists course, but was infinitely clear and helpful This is a book that one can use on their own as needed to truly learn the math being used to simplify or defend a professor as he or she moves through a proof It s the math they assume you learned somewhere, in a beautifully clear and compact form Shankar is up there with Griffiths for his ability to make a complex topic clear Its small and light enough to carry with you wherever I love love love this book

  3. ThierryJanette ThierryJanette says:

    I used this book along with the free video online.

  4. Just One View Just One View says:

    The cover needs to be fixed It is showing An introduction to mathematical finance with applications in the Kindle store

  5. S. Patterson S. Patterson says: