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What do the Canons of Dordt mean to people in the Las Vegas airport and does anyone there even care In the movie Hardcore, a pious Calvinist elder tries unsuccessfully to explain the TULIP theology of his Dutch Reformed faith to a prostitute in the Las Vegas airport This incongruous conversation demonstrates how Calvinism is often perceived today irrelevant, harsh, even disrespectfulBeginning with this movie scene, Calvinism in the Las Vegas Airport addresses the weaknesses of Calvinism and points to its strengths How does Calvinism shed light on today Instead of reciting the Canons of Dordt, what s acompassionate way to relate to nonbelievers What might it look like to live out the doctrines of TULIP with gentleness and respect This conversational book provides answers and shatters some stereotypes Calvinism in the Las Vegas Airport encourages you to live every aspect of life business, family, education, politics, activities, andbefore the face of a generous, sovereign God Calvinists and non Calvinists alike will find this an enjoyable read You will discover that Reformed theology can speak relevantly and compellingly today, both to you and to people in the Las Vegas airport Does Calvinism Have Anything to Do with the st Century What do you think about Calvinism Do you view it positively or negatively Or has its day passed Let s face it, many non Calvinists hold a less than positive view, sometimes due to caricatures This friendly, conversational book helps clear up some misconceptions and distorted views If you re not a Calvinist, here is an engaging inside look And if you are a Calvinist, Richard Mouw shows how to live gently and respectfully with others Christians and non Christians who hold different perspectivesCalvinism in the Las Vegas Airport focuses not on what Calvinists believe but on how they live From a movie scene to the author s personal experiences in Las Vegas, you are invited to travel with Mouw and see the Reformed faith in a new light Yes, it still does travel well

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