Prime God Has a Name –

There aren t many questions in life that if you find the answer to them, it can change everything But asking who God is and what he is like are two of those questions, and John Mark Comer brilliantly answers them in this book Jefferson Bethke Many of us ache for relationship with God, yet feel distant and disconnected from him As if he s of an idea we believe in our head than a person we relate to But God has a name Yahweh This one simple idea has the potential to radically alter how you relate to God, not as a doctrine, but as a relational being who responds to you in an elastic, back and forth way Why do we feel this gap between us and God Could it be that a lot of what we think about God is wrong Not all wrong, but wrong enough to mess up how we relate to him What if our God is really a projection of our own identity, ideas, and desires And what if the real God is different, but far better than we could ever imagine This book is a simple, but profound guide to what God says about himself In his signature conversational but smart style, John Mark Comer takes you line by line through ExodusYahweh s self revelation on Mount Sinai called by some scholars the one most quoted verse in the Bible, by the Bible Wherever you are in your spiritual journey, who God is just might surprise you and change everything Excellent book in a uniquely conversational way John Comer opens up two key verses with his insights It will transform your faith Exodus 34 6 7 are the most quoted verses in the Bible by the Bible and for good reason I read the book right through the day it arrived and then re read it with my wife a chapter a day for a week Now, a month later, I m re reading it in order to share some of its truths with others Bless you, John Comer As someone who eats books for breakfast, I can honestly say this is my favourite book I have read this year I love studying the bible and I love how in depth but easy to understand this book unpacks Exodus 34 I love that John teaches you Hebrew words and informs you of culture and context this was written in Also I love how conversational this book is and at times I found myself talking back to the book, until I remembered no one was listening I m currently reading it a second time and going to use this material to teach my young people at church I definitely will be purchasing of his stuff. excellent read