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With Its Time Tested Problems, Pioneering Conceptual And Visual Pedagogy, And Next Generation Media Package, The Eleventh Edition Of Young And Freedman S University Physics Is The Classic Physics Book With An Eye On The Future Using Young Freedman S Research Based ISEE Identify, Set Up, Execute, Evaluate Problem Solving Strategy, Readers Develop The Physical Intuition And Problem Solving Skills Required To Tackle The Book S Extensive High Quality Problem Sets That Have Been Developed And Refined Over The Past Five Decades The Completely Redesigned, Pedagogically Consistent Artwork And Diagrams Integrate Seamlessly With The Book To Help Readers Better Visualize Key Concepts Although this book is tilted University Physics I believe that it is not of that level Some chapters require complex maths that would be looked at on a undergrad course, but a majority of the book could be understood with A level maths When published the maths is usually followable,but in some places advanced vector calculus is used this is only really in the chapters on electromagnetism where the message can be picked up qualitatively yet simple differential equations are outside the scope of the book This is I find strange as differential equations explain so much if the real world and are a key aspect of physics Due to this lack of mathematics I wouldn t place the book at a undergrad level but in between A Level and university I originally started to use this book to as a reference to A Level, but once I realised the number of questions I started using for it for practice university interview questions Due to the large number of questions and the fact solutions can be found I think it is ideal as many other textbooks lack tuition on the problem solving nature of physics, arguably the most important This is its real strength of the book and can really increase your physics understanding But for anyone out there looking at this do not be put of by the fact that it says university on the front Bought this for my son, a first year physics student and he loves it Says it is informative, very helpful and a book he constantly refers to I think he likes how it is laid out and presented which is important for material which already has a high level of difficulty to learn and understand. For everyone who completed his physical study fifty years ago and has plenty of free time.The best price to weight ratio Three kilograms of high quality printed paper. After using this book for a couple of lecture courses at Warwick University Relativity and Mechanics I can say it is a great buy probably the best book I have bought The book has loads of questions over 100 for some chapters for practice and the key points help summerize the equations you have learnt which is really useful, and 50% of them have answers at the back too The book is very detailed, probably too much as just a backup for lectures, as it is huge, but there is probably enough to learn the subject on your own, it also seems pretty well written and has lots of diagrams and pictures too The book also includes a sunscription to MasteringPhysics.com which works well, it is extremely useful but to be useful it needs to be supported by your university, the book comes with 2 years of free subscription. When selecting this book, I had a good look at all the one volume introductoy physics books on the market and although others such as those from Halliday, et al, Cutnell and Johnson, and Benson are as comprehensive, this one wins hands down in terms of readability and presentation Both the main text and the accompanying diagrams are first rate.The only real drawback with this book is its sheer size At 1500 pages it s very heavy and its bulk also makes it less than suitable for idly skimming through However, that goes with the territory, as you don t get too many physics textbooks that come in pocket editions I d echo the other review s comment that a multiple volume edition would be a good idea, although I d suspect many thrifty students would be prepared to live with this rather than pay the extra. Having graduated in Physics some years ago I now find myself working towards a Masters degree in Theoretical Physics and required a good undergraduate book in order to go over the essentials and basics of a lot of material I found this book to be excellent as a reference guide, covering everything you should need for a first degree as well The specialist chapters on Relativity and Quantum Mechanics are treated just right in my opinion as there are detailed books available in these subjects, but it gives the core ideas a good going over I wish I had used this book in my undergraduate years. Hi,This book is a wonderful way to find out and repair gaps in basic engineering knowledge If your undertaking around H.N D plus type level engineering this must be on your bookshelf The book is about as clear on its topics at this level as I have seen.From basics to useful introductory explanations of and substantial topics as Electromagnetism and thermodynamics and Nuclear Physics This is a wonderful of its level book Yes the size of the book is overkill and makes it hard to hold for very long periods This would really help any one with engineering type studies who say missed out on A level Physics Yes it is a lot of money but its clear and obviously a labour of love by the authors.