[Free eBook] Rainbows Through the Rain: An Anthology of HopeAuthor Fiona Castle – Carcier.co

During a time of shock or pain or grief, it is often difficult to concentrate on anything for any length of time I have therefore compiled a selection of poems and thoughts and verses which have helped and encouraged me through some bleak times and have enabled me to have a thankful rather than a despairing heart I hope that through these pages some of these thoughts will bring hope and encouragement to your own heart

7 thoughts on “Rainbows Through the Rain: An Anthology of Hope

  1. savvy nana savvy nana says:

    I was given this book years ago and now wanted a copy for a friend who has recently been bereaved It seems to be out of print but managed to get a used copy from marketplace It arrived in a couple of days which was great but the back cover was bent and damaged From my many years in publishing I would say it was a damaged copy rather than a used copy But that s ok It s still worth having.

  2. ray g ray g says:

    Very comforting read, recommended for the recently bereaved

  3. Steven Trotman Steven Trotman says:


  4. Judith Judith says:

    I dip in and out of this

  5. SP SP says:

    great book

  6. Josée-Marie Howman Josée-Marie Howman says:

    Excellent reading

  7. A Customer A Customer says:

    I was given this book after the death of my mum 10 years ago, it is full of poems, readings and bible verses which can give one hope and encouragement in low times I believe this book so good that despite it no longer being published I was able to obtain a copy for my friend who lost her mum last week and know she will be able to turn to this and easily find something to help her however she is feeling There are a wide range of quotes etc to match all times and can leave you with a smile on your face.