pdf The Mountain of Silence: A Search for Orthodox Spirituality By Kyriacos C Markides – Carcier.co

An acclaimed expert in Christian mysticism travels to a monastery high in the Trodos Mountains of Cyprus and offers a fascinating look at the Greek Orthodox approach to spirituality that will appeal to readers of Carlos CastanedaIn an engaging combination of dialogues, reflections, conversations, history, and travel information, Kyriacos C Markides continues the exploration of a spiritual tradition and practice little known in the West he began in Riding with the Lion His earlier book took readers to the isolated peninsula of Mount Athos in northern Greece and into the group of ancient monasteries There, in what might be called a Christian Tibet, two thousand monks and hermits practice the spiritual arts to attain a oneness with God In his new book, Markides follows Father Maximos, one of Mount Athoss monks, to the troubled island of Cyprus As Father Maximos establishes churches, convents, and monasteries in this deeply divided land, Markides is awakened anew to the magnificent spirituality of the Greek Orthodox ChurchImages of the land and the people of Cyprus and details of its tragic history enrich the Mountain of Silence Like the writings of Castaneda, the book brilliantly evokes the confluence of an inner and outer journey The depth and richness of its spiritual message echo the thoughts and writings of Saint Francis of Assisi and other great saints of the Church as well The result is a remarkable worka moving, profoundly human examination of the role and the power of spirituality in a complex and confusing world